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Last updated: Aug 8, 2002
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

August 2002 Meeting Minutes (8/8/2002)

The August 2002 MASA meeting was held on the 6th at the Science Museum.  About 14 people attended.

Upcoming events:

  • The September meeting is on the 3rd.  The topic will be computer software for analyzing rocket stability and predicting flight performance.

  • The next launch is scheduled for August 24 at the sod farm in Blaine.  The theme is multi-stage rockets.  The special events will be the 4th Annual Great UFO Drag Race and also a Comanche-3 drag race, if there is sufficient interest.  For those working on their NARTREK Bronze, this will be a great opportunity to make your 2-stage flight.  If someone volunteers to organize it, we could also have a fun MicroMaxx duration contest.


  • Since the last meeting, the club has had four successful launches and the summer picnic.

  • The submissions deadline for the next issue of the Planet is August 15.

  • Lots of new photos on the web site.  Also, new swap -n- sell stuff.

  • Still looking for Prang award nominations from club launches during the first half of this year.

  • MASA members Mike Erpelding and Glen Overby are attending NARAM in Texas.

  • Despite current rumors, the sod farm in Blaine has not been sold.  We can all see the development moving northward, and it's probably a question of when it will be developed, not if.

  • A discussion was made of misfire alley launch ranges and their benefits.

  • The November meeting date will probably change to either the first or second Monday.

Show'n Off:

  • Alan Estenson showed his modified Holverson Wicked Winnie with Rocketronics altimeter in the payload bay.  Alan also brought his Vaughn Brothers Extreme 29 minimum diameter rocket.

  • Ellison Lenz brought in his LOC Norad - freshly retrieved from a tree.

  • Seth Cochran showed us his Edmonds Deltie Airshow.  It boosts 3 Deltie gliders at once.


Alan Estenson and Ted Cochran talked about the basics of Quest MicroMaxx (MM) rockets and how to scratchbuild rockets for those tiny engines using inexpensive stuff.

MicroMaxx starter sets, rockets, and engines may be found at hobby stores, toy stores, and mass-merchandisers.

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