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Last updated: June 22, 2002
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Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

June 2002 Meeting Minutes (6/4/2002)

The June 2002 MASA meeting was held on the 4th at the Science Museum.  A good-sized group (more than 14) was on hand.

Upcoming events:

  • There is not a regular club meeting in July.  We have the club picnic instead on July 20.  See below and elsewhere on the web site for details

  • The next launch is scheduled for June 22 at the sod farm in Blaine.  The theme is "oddrocs."  The special events are a Fat Boy drag race and NARTREK Bronze D flights.  Ted cannot make it to this launch.  If you can help haul some of the gear up to the launch field, please let us know!


  • July picnic.  After some discussion, those present voted to hold the club picnic at the VFW soccer fields / launch site up near Elk River.  We will be able to launch rockets before & after the picnic.  It was decided not to have a raffle this year.  Details will be posted on the web site.  Volunteers will be needed!

  • The deadline for the next issue of the Planet is June 15.  Ted welcomes all submissions for this and future issues!Tom Nichols of the VFW with MASA plaque

  • The May launch was a success with 181 flights.

  • On behalf of MASA, Alan Estenson presented sod farm owner Steve Fricke with a "thank you" plaque.

  • Similarly, Dave Fergus presented Tom Nichols of the VFW with a "thank you" plaque.

  • The web site welcomes any submissions for the Swap -n- Sell page.

  • No one has submitted any nominations yet for the 2002 Prang Awards!

  • Jeff Hove donated a (MASA purchased) copy of the Handbook of Model Rocketry to science teacher Sue Fornier at Cleveland Quality Middle School in St. Paul.  Jeff is also helping her class launch rockets.

  • Seth Cochran took possession of another (MASA purchased) copy of the Handbook with promises to donate it someplace appropriate.

  • Ted Cochran showed the nice trophy that MASA purchased / donated for the Minnesota Rocket League competition.

  • Ellison Lenz reminded everyone that he is accepting "junkyard rockets" donations in preparation for the October meeting.

  • A Scout group in the Eden Prairie area is looking for assistance in building and launchingLeland Cheng with his PML Endeavour rockets.  If you would be willing to volunteer some time to help them, please contact Alan.

Show'n Off:

  • Leland Cheng brought along his bright orange PML Endeavour.  He recently successfully certified level 1 with it at the Tripoli Southern Minnesota launch.  Congratulations!

  • Ted Cochran brought along his NARTREK Bronze certificate and patch along with his NARTREK Silver packet.

  • Alan Estenson had the Estes Searcher that he built back in 8th grade science class.  He also had his brand new Maxi Searcher scratchbuilt upscale version.


Ted Cochran spoke about the different ways of measuring altitude without having an onboard electronic altimeter.  He spoke of tracking from the ground with theodolites.  (The Estes Altitrak is a simple example.)  By knowing baselines and measuring azimuth and elevation angles, you can pretty accurately determine the altitude of a rocket flight.  [A PDF version of Ted's presentation is available for download from the Tech page.]  Thanks Ted!

Ted talks altitude tracking.  Alan's Maxi Searcher and Searcher in foreground.


(Alan Estenson)

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