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Last updated: May 9, 2002
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

May 2002 Meeting Minutes (5/9/2002)

The May 2002 MASA meeting was held on the 7th at the Science Museum.  A good-sized group was on hand.

Upcoming events:

  • The next meeting will be on June 4.  The topic will be altitude tracking.  Ted and Seth Cochran have volunteered to lead the discussion.

  • The next launch is scheduled for May 18 at the sod farm in Blaine.  The theme will be "Fly the Red, White, and Blue".  The fun event will be a  Big Daddy drag race.  The fun contest will be B engine streamer duration (NARTREK Bronze flight).  Also, Mark Thell has promised to bring along a dozen eggs, so be sure to bring along your egglofters!


  • The summer picnic will be held on July 20.  Serious planning for this event will happen at the June meeting.  Once again, volunteers will be needed to help!

  • A new issue of the MASA Planet newsletter is now out.  The deadline for the next issue is June 15; all MASA members are encouraged to submit things to Ted.

  • "Thank you" plaques have been purchased for the VFW and sod farm.  They will be presented to them in the near future.

  • The "Oddrocs" theme has been rescheduled for the June launch.

  • Ellison Lenz has donated a copy of The Handbook of Model Rocketry (provided by MASA) to the Roseville Area High School Library.

Show'n Off:

  • Ted Cochran brought a long his new Estes Maxi Honest John, painted in an orange test round pattern, and a newly-completed Quest Navaho.

  • Leland Cheng had one of the new Estes Maxi V2's.  His first attempt at airbrushing produced a nice camouflage pattern.

  • Several other creations were displayed including a nice Aerotech Mustang and a scratchbuilt rocket that has flown on E9's.


Alan Estenson talked about the NARTREK program of building rocket skills.  He is promoting it through the MASA NARTREK Bronze Challenge.  Handouts were provided describing this program.  An informal building session went on in the background as people worked on rockets for the Bronze-level flights.

(Alan Estenson)

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