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Last updated: Mar. 21, 2002
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

March 2002 Meeting Minutes (3/21/2002)

The March 2002 MASA meeting was held on the 19th at the Science Museum.  This meeting was held two weeks later than normal, and, for an added change of scenery, we were in a different room.  Club President Alan Estenson got things rolling at the customary time of 10 minutes past 7pm.  Another good group (two dozen or so) was on hand for the evening's fun.

Upcoming events:

  • The next meeting will be on April 2.  We will be reviewing the Minnesota Rocket League entries.

  • The next launch is scheduled for March 23 at the White Bear Lake field.  Setup at 8:30, launching starts at 9am and ends by noon.


  • New MASA badges have been mailed out to everyone who has renewed for 2002.  Thanks to Dave Fergus for doing the printing and mailing; thanks to Rick Vatsaas for this year's design.  If you've renewed or joined just recently, your badges will be mailed to you.

  • New badgeholders are available for your spiffy new badges.  You can get one from any MASA officer.  Remember, members are encouraged to wear their badges to club events.

  • The first issue of the MASA Planet newsletter is available on the web site, and it has been mailed out to those needing a paper copy.  Kudos to Ted Cochran for his first issue as editor.

    • Ted reminds everybody that the deadline for submissions for the next issue is April 15.  He really, really wants to see you contribute!

    • If you're receiving a paper copy in the mail and you don't really need one (if you're downloading the file also), please let us know.  Each printed copy of the newsletter that gets mailed out costs the club $1.

  • MASA's NAR section renewal is in place - keeping us legal into 2003.

  • MASA has agreed to potentially host some flights for the Team America competition next fall or winter.


  • Jeff Hove reported on the flights of "found parts" rockets at the February launch.

  • Ellison Lenz reported that he donated the Handbook of Model Rocketry received at the January meeting to the Roseville Area High School Library.

Show'n Off:

  • Mark Thell brought in his NCR Bomarc.  He reports that it was a 3-year project, and that he didn't enjoy the vacuuform bits at all.

  • David Fergus had his X-File (kitbashed Estes Gemini DC) that is his entry into RMR DesCon X.  He also brought along his 2X upscale Big Bertha.  Built from PML parts, Dave plans to use it for his level 1 high power certification.

  • Art Gibbens brought along a rocket that was given to him by one of his fellow bus-riders.  Art also brought along his Toblerone rocket.

  • Philip Gibbens  showed us his Estes Menace rocket that he has been building.  Philip won this kit at the 2001 MASA picnic.  Looks good, Philip!

  • John Carlson brought in two different Redstone's that he is scratchbuilding .

  • Ellison Lenz had his new LOC Norad, and talked about putting an H motor in it.

  • Leland Cheng showed us some nice craftsmanship with his Estes Mercury Redstone and Maxi Honest John.

  • Rick Vatsaas "unboxed" his newest sci-fi creation - created around a plastic toy bowling pin.  [It had one of Rick's infamous long, complicated names which I didn't attempt to write down.]


For the meeting's topic, Alan talked about the volunteer range officers (RSO and LCO) at MASA launches.  Their duties and responsibilities were discussed, as well as how members can help the club by volunteering for these vital positions.

A PDF version of Alan's RSO/LCO checklists may be downloaded from the Tech page.  [If you weren't at the meeting, I encourage you to download and read these checklists - Alan]

Reminder, it's time to pay your 2002 dues!  You can pay them at a meeting or launch, or mail them in. Click here for more info.

(Alan Estenson)

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