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Last updated: Nov 10, 2001
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

November 2001 Meeting Minutes (11/10/2001)

On Tuesday November 6, club President Alan Estenson called together the monthly MASA meeting at the Science Museum.  About 20 people were in attendance.  For those who like to plan well in advance, Alan announced that he has put together the basic MASA schedule for 2002; it is now up on the web site on the Events page.  The next club launch will be on November 17th at Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake.

The January meeting date will not be on January 1.  The actual date will be announced sometime in December.

In December, MASA traditionally holds a holiday party.  As of meeting time, no details had been set yet.  A person or persons are needed to help organize the party.  If you can help, please contact Alan.  Ted Cochran, host of last year's party, volunteered to host it again if we don't come up with any other ideas.

Dave Fergus and Glen Overby try to remove the reload casing from StinkySecretary/ Treasurer Dave Fergus reported that the MASA treasury has a balance of $739.  We do need a membership badge design for 2002.  If you're feeling artistic and would like to create something, please contact Dave.  Jeff Hove suggested that the same design (if appropriate) could be used on a MASA t-shirt.  To abide by MASA bylaws, we must spend most of our treasury by the end of the year (save what we need for expenses at the beginning of next year).  Various ways were discussed whereby the funds will be disbursed.

Art Gibbens reminded us that the MASA Planet deadline is coming up fast.  He also announced that this would be his last issue as newsletter editor.  If we want to continue to have a club newsletter, a new editor will be needed for 2002.  Please contact Alan if you're interested.

The official business for the evening was the nomination of MASA officers for 2002.  As of 11/10, the nominees are:

President: Alan Estenson

Vice President: Ted Cochran

Secretary/Treasurer: Dave Fergus

The nominations will remain open through November 20.  Additional nominations are welcome for all 3 positions (but especially for VP).  You may nominate yourself.  You may nominate someone else.  Once nominations close, the nominees will be contacted to confirm that they want to be candidates.  The election will occur at the January meeting.  Those MASA members unable to attend the January meeting will still be able to vote - details to be announced.

Ted warns that, if he ends up being VP, his first task will be to spread the equipment-transporting duties among several people!

Stomp rocket kitsThe evening concluded with a "stomp" rocket building session.  Alan Estenson had assembled 18 kits (for a $1 each) to convert an air-powered stomp rocket into a model rocket.  It looks like we'll be seeing lots more of these take to the air at MASA launches!  The instructions are on the Tech page of the web site.  You can buy the stomp rockets at Ax-Man.

Building stomp rockets

(Alan Estenson)

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