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Last updated: Sept 8, 2001
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Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

September 2001 Meeting Minutes (9/8/2001)

On Tuesday September 4, Alan Estenson called together the monthly MASA meeting at the Science Museum.  Alan reported that membership levels have achieved the biggest numbers ever.  The club treasury is also doing well.  Some discussion was held on the recent subject of launch procedures & safety.  Art mentioned that the deadline for submissions for the next newsletter is October 26.  Russ Durkee briefly talked about a proposed program within the Science Museum to  foster a closer involvement with groups such as MASA.

The next club launch will be on the 25th at Blaine.  The launch has a theme of cluster-engine rockets (rockets that have more than one motor burning at a time.).  There will also be a Big Daddy drag race.  No contest is scheduled unless someone steps forward to organize one.

Meeting topics are desperately needed for the October and November meetings.  If you can volunteer to do something, or you have a good idea, please step forward.

Several people brought along items to show.  Ellison Lenz had a scratchbuilt rocket with a clear plastic body tube.  The tube, similar in size to bt50, was found at a place that sold aquarium supplies.  Mark Thell brought along his old "Fred Flintstone" launch control that he found in his garage.  Mark also brought his under-construction Aerospace Specialty Products 2.6" WAC Corporal.  Steve Hum showed us his new Ratt Works H70 hybrid motor (in "shocking" purple)

For the evening's topic, those present discussed methods & materials for repairing broken rockets.  Several examples were present and a lot of good information was traded around.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 2.  However, this date may change due to room availability at the museum.  The topic will be the perennial favorite:  Reloadable Motors - what, when, why, and how much $$.

(Alan Estenson)

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