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Last updated: June 7, 2001
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

August 2001 Meeting Minutes (8/10/2001)

On Tuesday August 7, Alan Estenson called together the monthly MASA meeting at the Science Museum.  Quite a crew turned out; it probably helped that the museum has nice A/C and it was beastly-hot outside.

The next club launch will be on the 25th at Blaine.  Setup will begin at 9am with the launch starting at 10.  The launch has a "sci-fi" theme.  We will have the annual UFO drag race, and, new for this year, a Silver Comet drag race.  No contest is scheduled unless someone steps forward to organize one.

One topic for discussion was the sheer number of people & vehicles at the July launch.  We need to make sure that the owner of the sod farm is comfortable with this level of activity.  Alan will have a conversation with him, but, in addition, the possibility of giving the sod "a month off" was discussed.  The September launch may be switched to one of the two alternate launch sites.  Watch the web site for more information.

Also discussed were the picnic turnout, the July launch, the need for volunteers to organize contests at launches (or there won't be any), the possibility that we may need to switch around meeting dates this fall, the current number of club members, switching the big launch pads over to flight cards instead of signup sheets, and other topics.

The winners of the 1/2A streamer duration competition were announced.  Steve Robb, winner of C division, received his ribbon and prize (a kit from Custom Rockets).  The winner of A division, Ingrid Vatsaas, will receive her prize and ribbon soon.  There are also ribbons for the runners-up, Paul Newswanger & Joe Schneider.

Meeting topics are desperately needed for the September through November meetings.  If you can volunteer to do something, or you have a good idea, please step forward.

Several people brought along items to show.  Ed Ryan & Dan Nelson brought their very nice scratchbuilt Gemini Titan model.  It has great aluminum motor nozzles that Dan machined.  They plan to fly it for the first time on two G's at the next Minnesota Tripoli launch.  Two people (names withheld to protect the scavengers) brought along a couple of expended Smokey Sam rockets.  These small rockets are used by the military to simulate the launch of surface to air missiles.

For the evening's presentation, Steve Robb led a discussion on the use of electronics in rockets.  The primary subjects were altimeters and accelerometers.  Lots of examples of electronics & mounting schemes were on hand.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 4.  However, this date may change due to room availability at the museum..

(Alan Estenson)

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