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Last updated: July 31, 2001
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

MASA summer picnic (7/31/2001)

A really hot time (again!)...

MASA members congregated on Saturday, July 21, at Veterans Park in New Brighton for the 4th annual MASA summer picnic.  Just like last year, the weather was very hot and humid.

Some 27 people braved the heat to sit in the shade around the gazebo, talk rockets, eat their fill of picnic fare, and make a few transactions at the MASA swap -n- sell.  People started arriving around 4:00 in the afternoon.  After resting awhile, the grill was fired-up, and large quantities of burgers, brats, and dogs sizzled-away.  In typical Minnesota pot-luck fashion, there was more food than the group could possibly eat.

Lots of prizes!

Just after 7pm, Alan Estenson drew for the free "door" prizes.  Everyone present went home with something!  There were so many prizes that everybody was a winner.  Here's the rundown:  (name in parentheses is the person or business that donated the prize.)

  • Margaret Eastman, Estes Magnum kit (Ken Jarosch)
  • Dave Fergus, Estes Warp 2 kit (Ken Jarosch)
  • Walter Kjellander, Estes Rattler 7 kit (HHC)
  • Lee Frisvold, Rail guides (Alan Estenson)
  • Mark Thell, Estes Delta Clipper kit (Ken Jarosch)
  • Randy Miller, Estes Nova Payloader kit (HHC)
  • Philip Gibbens, Estes Polaris kit (HHC)
  • Sara Fergus, Orbital Sciences frisbee (Alan Estenson)
  • Ed Eastman, KosRox Streadur kit (MASA)
  • Art Gibbens, Estes Menace kit (HHC)
  • Kyle Bright, Estes Nike Arrow kit (HHC)
  • Sara Bright, Estes Zinger kit (Alan Estenson)
  • Mathias Gibbens, Quest Micro Maxx set (HHC)
  • Molly Frisvold, Quest Micro Maxx set (HHC)
  • Meg Gerdes, Rail guides (Alan Estenson)
  • Steve Robb, Rail guides (Alan Estenson)
  • Kent Peterson, Estes Invader (HHC)
  • Joel Henry, Giant bundle o' Copperhead igniters (Alan Estenson)
  • Hannah Gibbens, Quest Micro Maxx set (HHC)
  • David Bright, Quest Micro Maxx set (HHC)
  • Rick Vatsaas, Quest Micro Maxx set (HHC)
  • Kaitlin Bright, Quest Micro Maxx set (HHC)
  • Renee Gibbens, Estes Droid Fighter kit (HHC)
  • Deb Thell, Estes Droid Fighter kit (HHC)
  • Glen Overby, Estes Droid Fighter kit (HHC)

Raffle tickets were exchanged for $1 donations during the picnic with the grand prize being a Aardvark / Blackhawk R&D Sandia Tomahawk rocket kit. All money from the raffle went to pay the $50 permit fee for using the park and to pay for the consumables (plates, cups, etc.) used during the picnic.  Tons of tickets were sold, and enough money was raised to cover nearly all the expenses. 

  • Joel Henry, Aardvark Rockets Sandia Tomahawk (Tim Bush)
  • Lee Frisvold, Aerotech Mantis launch pad (HHC)
  • Randy Miller, Estes Space Shuttle kit (HHC)
  • Walter Kjellander, NCR launch pad (HHC)
  • "Snuggles", Estes Droid Fighter kit (HHC)
  • Glen Overby, Flammable sticker (Alan Estenson)

The Sandia Tomahawk kit was graciously donated by Tim Bush.  It was one of his prizes for winning third place in the recent rmr design contest.  It was donated originally by Aardvark Hobbies.






A big "Thank You!" to:

  • Art Gibbens for organizing the picnic this year, and then sweating over the hot BBQ and cooking everything to perfection.
  • Steve Robb for bringing lemonade and helping Art with the grilling.
  • Glen Overby for bringing soda.
  • Rick Vatsaas for bringing condiments
  • The Bright family for bringing the delicious watermelon.
  • Dave Fergus for selling the raffle tickets.
  • Everyone else who helped with the picnic and bought a raffle ticket!

(Alan Estenson)

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