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Last updated: June 7, 2001
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

June 2001 Meeting Minutes (6/7/2001)

On Tuesday June 5th, rocket enthusiasts trekked to the Science Museum for the monthly MASA meeting.  There were about 15 people in attendance.  Club President Alan Estenson started the meeting a bit after 7 pm.

On Tuesday June 12, Jeff Hove has arranged for an exclusive MASA tour of the Minnesota Air National Guard Museum.  The tour will be from 7pm until 9 pm, but it's best if you're there a little early.  The museum is not normally open at this time, so we'll have the place to ourselves.  Jeff also says that they should have the cockpits of the A-12 Blackbird and a F-4 Phantom open for us!  If you can't make this date, MASA members are also invited to the museum on Saturday June 30 from 10am until noon.  Bring your cameras!  Thanks Jeff!

The next club launch will be on the 23rd at Blaine.  Setup will begin at 9am with the launch starting at 10.  The theme is staged rockets, and the contest is A boost glider.  The 1/2A streamer duration contest has been postponed (again) until the July launch.

An organizer was sought for the July club picnic with the threat of cancellation if someone didn't step forward.  [Art Gibbens has volunteered.  The picnic will be on July 21 - more details to come.  Thanks Art!]

Thanks to Art, a new issue of the Planet newsletter has just come out.  The deadline for submissions for the next issue is at the end of June.  Please consider contributing something!

MASA member Ted Cochran has an article in the new issue of Sport Rocketry.  It considers the proper place to attach a parachute to your rocket and is based on Ted's R&D report from NARAM 42.

Meeting topics are desperately needed for the August through November meetings.  If you can volunteer to do something, or you have a good idea, please step forward.

The idea of procuring MASA t-shirts was discussed.  Various options were thrown around, and it was decided to start collecting potential artwork and pondering ideas until next month.  If you have an artistic bent, we'd like to collect different ideas & concepts for a t-shirt design.

The idea of resuming occasional summer evening club launches was discussed.  These will typically be announced 48 hours ahead of time and held at the Blaine site.  Thursday evening has been the traditional time for them, but they could be held on other days.  If the weather forecast looks great for a particular evening, 2 days away, don't be afraid to suggest the idea of holding an evening launch!  Evening launches will be held in a "misfire alley" configuration where everyone must bring their own launch pad and controller; the club equipment will not be brought out for these.  More info on misfire alley will be forthcoming, but you can get an idea of how it works by reading the NIRA Range Rules.

Alan Estenson still has rail buttons for sale, 4 for $1.00, that fit the standard blacksky rail.  Alan also passed along information on the new Estes black powder E engines and new kits for them (available in August).

Jeff Hove & his lanch padSeveral people brought along items to show.  Steve Robb brought along the payload section for his Comanche-3 equipped with a Rocketronics altimeter.  Steve also brought the tiny Rocketronics timer and small Perfectflite altimeter.  Jeff Hove had a large 4-legged PVC launch pad of recent construction.  He has continued to improve on the pad design seen at many MASA launches.  Jeff also had one of the magnetic apogee detection kits.  Seth Cochran brought along a clustered MicroMaxx rocket and a glider that he would like to make rocket-boosted.  Lee Grimm showed a piston launcher that he built from a kit.

Alan's tube-fin rocketsFor the evening's presentation, Alan Estenson talked about tubular fin rockets.  He brought along a bunch of examples, discussed the pros & cons of this design, talked about ways to simulate tube fins using VCP or RockSim, and handed out some information about tube fin designs.  [This handout may be downloaded from the Tech page.]

There will not be a regular meeting in July.  Instead, we will have the summer picnic.

(Alan Estenson)

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