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Last updated: May 3, 2001
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

May 2001 Meeting Minutes (5/3/2001)

On Tuesday May 1st, MASA held its monthly meeting at the Science Museum.  There was a good-sized group of people there [but I forgot to count them.]  Alan started the meeting a bit after 7pm with a few announcements.

The next launch will be on the 19th - one week earlier than normal.  [CORRECTION - THE LAUNCH HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE 26TH]  Hopefully, it will be at Blaine.  The 1/2A streamer duration competition has been rescheduled for this launch.  The theme will be staged rockets [more info will be coming].  The June meeting will be on the 5th in classrooms 5 & 6 (different room than normal.)  A topic is needed for this meeting!  Contact Alan if you'd like to volunteer to do something.

A volunteer is also needed to organize the July club picnic.  If you can perform this important job or if you want to discuss it first, please contact Alan.

Alan had some blacksky-compatible rail buttons for $0.25 each.  Several club members purchased some; see him at a launch or meeting if you're interested.

VP Steve Robb reported on the first use of his new launch controller at the recent launch.  Save for a few bugs, it worked well [and is very shiny, too].  Art Gibbens reported that Friday, May 18th is the deadline to submit material for the next issue of the Planet.

Several people brought items for show and tell.  Lee and Mollie Frisvold had a LOC Graduator that they had built together.  Chuck and Brady Jerve had a Quest Navaho 2-stager and a LOC lil' Nuke.  Alan Estenson had some carbon fiber reinforced Edmonds gliders and a 2-stage stomp rocket.

Steve HumThe evening's event was a RSO/LCO information and training session.  Steve Hum presented a number of slides as he discussed the subject.  [If you missed the meeting, Steve'sRockets slides are available online, as a PDF, on the Tech page.]  A lot of good information came forth accompanied by questions and some discussion.

To test everyone's abilities to perform a RSO check-in / inspection of Rocketsa rocket, Steve and Ted Cochran brought in a dozen rockets.  They set these up as two racks of 6 each, using the MASA pad sign-up sheets.  Everyone had a opportunity to inspect all of the rockets, try to find any problems with them, and decide whether or not they should be allowed to fly.  Then, Steve led a group discussion covering each rocket.  Yes, Steve and Ted had to intentionally screw up a bunch of their rockets!

A big thanks to Steve Hum and Ted Cochran for all their work with this presentation!What's wrong with this one?

(Alan Estenson)

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