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Last updated: March 15, 2001
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

March 2001 meeting minutes (3/15/2001)

The March MASA meeting began at the usual time on Tuesday, March 13.  Roughly 16 people were in attendance.

The next meeting will be on April 3.  We will be having a guest speaker from 3M who will talk about solid rocket propellants [see the Events page for all the info.]  At the May meeting, we will be having an informational / training session for launch LCO / RSO's.  A guest at the meeting, Ray Peterson, is a docent at the MN Air Guard Museum.  Jeff Hove and Ray are working on setting up a special tour of the museum for MASA members.  (rockets, missiles, airplanes, and lots of other stuff!)  We don't have a date set yet, and we'll probably wait until it's a bit warmer outside.  Watch the website for the announcement.

The next launch will be on March 24 at the White Bear Lake field.  Alan Estenson will be running a 1/2A streamer duration contest.  It isn't an official sanctioned competition, but he will be running it according to the NAR "Pink Book" rules.  More details will be posted soon.  [Alan will be providing FREE 1/2A3-4t motors to those contest participants who wish to use them!]  Additional contest directors are needed for later launches.  If you volunteer to run it, you pick the contest for the month!

The first issue of the 2001 MASA Planet newsletter has been mailed.  It is also available on the website for download.  Kudos to Art Gibbens for his hard work as Editor.  Art could always use your assistance and submissions of material for upcoming issues!

President Alan Estenson brought up the idea of keeping "official" MASA club records for the various types of contest events.  This would be like the tables of records that the NAR keeps, but just for our club.  Any MASA member could attempt to set a record at any MASA launch.  This idea brought an enthusiastic response; it could help promote some fun competition.  Watch the web site as this idea is developed.

MASA's NAR section charter has been renewed, so we're official for another year.

The official business for the evening concerned the proposed revision 3.1 to the MASA Bylaws.  Strictly for this occasion, the meeting was held to a rough approximation of Robert's Rules of Order. During discussion, Russ Durkee voiced his concerns over the proposed Article 3, Section 3 that allowed a club officer to waive the membership requirement to fly big rockets under special circumstances.  After further discussion, a motion was made and seconded to remove this section from the proposed bylaws.  This amendment was approved by a voice vote with no dissentions.  Following further discussion, a motion was made and seconded to approve the proposed bylaws, as amended.  This motion was approved by a voice vote with no dissentions.  [The new bylaws are available on the website.]

Secretary/Treasurer David Fergus handed out new 2001 membership cards to those in attendance.  He will start mailing them out to the rest of the club members.  He isn't sending the plastic badge holders to renewing members, but, if you need one, just ask him.

V.P. Steve Robb is working on making a new launch controller.  This news, of course, led to a broader discussion of launch equipment.  The idea of hooking a FM transmitter into our PA system was also mentioned.

Sarah Fergus with her blue-ribbon-winning rocket!Several people brought along items for "show -n- tell".  Steve Robb brought along his completed "Bad Daddy".  Art Gibbens had his modified Maxi Alpha 3.  It is now a 2-stager with hidden spring-out fins on the upper stage.  David Fergus brought his boat-tail Fat Boy, a Cosmodrome Nike Smoke, Quest Nike Smoke, and the new Estes Mercury Redstone.  Sarah Fergus showed us her scratchbuilt, blue-ribbon-winning rocket. (very nice!)  Ted Cochran had the completed upper electronics bay for his Quantum Leap.

For the evening's topic, Ted talked about building and flying rockets with groups of kids.  He passed along advice based upon his experiences.  [A document that Ted wrote on the subject is now online.]

(Alan Estenson)

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