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Last updated: Feb 8, 2001
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

February 2001 meeting minutes (2/8/2001)

The February MASA meeting began a bit after 7pm at the Science Museum. There was a small turn-out with only about 8 people in attendance. Alan Estenson, the new club president, started things off with a few announcements. The February launch will be on the 24th at Elk River (site to be confirmed). The March meeting will be on the 13th; this is a week later than usual. A topic is still needed for that meeting.

Hopefully, you noticed the MASA October launch report in the Section Soundings of the last Model Rocketeer newsletter.  This is great exposure for MASA, as it lets other NAR sections see what we're up to!  Tim Bush has kindly volunteered to submit this type of thing for MASA at least a couple times this year.  (Thanks, Tim.)

Alan has updated and amended the MASA bylaws.  You may download these proposed bylaws from the Files -n- Forms page.  At the March meeting, a vote will be taken to accept the new bylaws.

The schedule on the web site has been expanded. For every launch, it now lists the theme, fun event, contest, and contest director. Some of this information has been filled-in, but it's subject to change. If you have ideas for themes or fun events, please suggest them to Alan. If you'd like to volunteer to be a contest director for a launch, you can pick what the contest will be! (Don't worry, it's not a difficult job.) Also, ideas and volunteers are desperately needed for upcoming meeting topics and presentations.

So far, 19 membership renewals have been received (including those collected at the meeting). This represents less than half the number of MASA memberships in 2000! If you plan to renew, please do so soon. If you'd like to join as a new member, now is a great time!

Alan showed copies of a new MASA flier / membership form that he created. It is intended to replace the old MASA information fliers which are now out-of-date. A PDF file for this flier may be downloaded from the web site. You may use either this form or the web form when you send in your membership. (Files -n- FormsAlso, feel free to distribute copies of this form to interested people, schools, hobby stores, when you do rocketry outreach, etc. A copy of this flier will be sent out along with the first MASA newsletter.

Art is working on the first issue of the MASA Planet newsletter of the year. He says that he has some good material for this issue, but welcomes contributions for future issues. This issue of the newsletter will be sent out to all MASA members from last year as well as new members for this year. Later issues of the newsletter will only be sent to paid 2001 MASA members. Also, please note that the membership form has a new option that you need to select. You may either choose to continue having the newsletter mailed to you, or you can choose instead to download the PDF version of the newsletter from the web site. (Downloading the newsletter saves postage costs and helps keep club dues from rising!)

A few people brought items for show and tell. Steve Robb had a new, simple mini-tower launcher built from magazine plans. Steve also had a scratchbuilt 10.5mm streamer duration rocket (that uses the tower) that he built for the 1/2A streamer duration contest planned for the March launch. Alan Estenson showed his flying 2001 Monolith rocket and his new Rocketronics mini altimeter.

The kitbash results...The event for the night was "kitbash!" Several people arrived early so that they could start work before the meeting and building continued until about 8:30. Several people took part in the Alpha competition; they had to kitbash a rocket using only the contents of an Alpha kit (Glen even used the instructions in his creation). Thanks to Art Gibbens for bringing and selling some Alpha kits. ($5 each - what a bargain.) Others took a more free-form approach with their kitbashing. Several people went home with some extra body tubes from Damian's box o' free stuff. Thanks, Damian! Some interesting and creative rockets grew out of the night's work; you may see them flying at an upcoming launch.

(Alan Estenson)

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