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Last updated: Jan 4, 2001
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

January 2001 meeting minutes (1/4/2001)

A group of about 16 gathered at the Science Museum on Tuesday, January 2 for the first MASA meeting of the new year.  The first order of business was to conduct the voting for new MASA officers.  Because email ballots were still being accepted, the winners of the election were not announced during the meeting.  That information would be made public a couple days afterwards.

While Russ is retiring from the Presidential position, he will remain our liaison with the Science Museum and continue to arrange the classroom space for our meetings.

The next club launch will be on the 27th at Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake.  The February meeting will be on the 6th.  A topic, subject, or event is still needed for this meeting (and all following meetings this year!)  If you have an idea, please pass it along.  The most popular ideas for the next meeting were to have some sort of kit building or kitbashing session.

The date of the March meeting may be changed; there is a MN Wild game that same night, and we'd really rather avoid that traffic snarl.

Once the new Secretary/Treasurer becomes official, your club dues for 2001 will be payable.  The dollar amount of the dues will stay the same as last year.

Art Gibbens is working on the next issue of the MASA Planet.  He hopes to have it out very soon.  As always, contributions to the newsletter are solicited!  Art also mentioned that he is looking into the possibility of arranging a club tour of a local plant that makes solid rocket fuel.  He hopes to have more to report about that at a future meeting.

Alan Estenson brought up the subject, recently discussed on the Net, about certain F & G motors requiring a level 1 high power certification.  This is now covered on the web site's Launch FAQ's page.

A few show-n-tell items were present.  Glen Overby showed his pad modifications to replace the entire head on the 4-legged PVC pads with something much sturdier.  Glen plans to write up the idea either for the newsletter or the web site.  Ed Ryan brought along part of a rocket that he's building using a zipperless recovery technique.  Jeff Hove brought along some of his MicroMaxx-powered rockets including the (award winning) Bic pen rocket.

When Steve talks, Rick listens.Steve Robb gave an informative presentation on the use of composites for reinforcing rockets.  He brought samples of fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber materials.  He also showed us the methods and equipment that he uses to vacuum-bag composite parts.  Also, Steve had along his Swinger II and a 29mm Big Daddy that he had reinforced with composites.Composites  Thanks, Steve!

The next day, Steve sent out the following email:

After the discussion that we had last evening at the meeting about fiberglassing rockets and composite materials, I thought I'd compile a list of resources that you can check out if you want some more information on different fabrics, tools and techniques.

The Composites Store -

Shadow Composites -

Fibre Glast -

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty -

AeroSpace Composite Products -

The Composites Corner - (lots of good links to other suppliers)

There is also an excellent write up on Rocketry Online in the InfoCentral section that talks about fiberglassing techniques.

Have fun! (and wear that respirator <g>) - Steve Robb

(Alan Estenson)

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