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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

November 2000 meeting minutes (11/9/2000)

A group of 12 gathered at the Science Museum on election night, Tuesday November 7.  We first discussed the new policies at the Museum's parking ramp.  They now charge $7 for event parking after 5pm whenever there's an "event" in the area (pretty much every night).  On nights when there's a Wild game, they charge $10.  (Normally, it costs about $3 to park there during a typical MASA meeting.)  Fortunately, Russ was able to get us all vouchers for the evening so that we only had to pay the normal rate.  Russ said that he'll look into it further for future meetings.

Damian announced that the club treasury is doing well.  There is money set aside to pay the expected bills through the beginning of the year.  Because there was a surplus, MASA sent a $150 donation to the NAR for the "versus BATF" legal fund.  Damian also told us that there are currently 51 paid MASA memberships.

Art told us that there will be one more issue of the MASA Planet newsletter this year.  It will probably come out in December.

Ted Cochran has volunteered to organize the MASA holiday party!  The date and details will be announced soon, so keep an eye on the web site.

The big business of the evening was the nomination of club officers for 2001.  Nominations and names were thrown about for quite a while.  The details are on a new web page, Officer Nominations for 2001.  Please take a look and read about it.  (You'd better take a look; you might have been nominated!)

The next club launch is scheduled for Saturday the 18th.  The location will be announced later.

The night's topic was parachutes.  Ted Cochran, Alan Estenson, Steve Robb and others discussed various chutes and their merits.  Examples of chutes from LOC, Estes, RocketVision, PML, and Rocketman were on hand.

(Alan Estenson)

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