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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

September 2000 meeting minutes (9/16/2000)

The September meeting started, as usual, just after 7 pm on Tuesday, September 12.  Russ Durkee was out of town, so Damian Kostron and Alan Estenson took charge of things.

The next launch will be on Saturday, September 23rd.  The location has not been determined, yet, but we will try to have it in Blaine if possible.  If the location ends up being White Bear Lake, the launch will be shifted to Sunday, September 24th.  Watch the web site for the official word.  On this same day, Tripoli Southern Minnesota is having an afternoon and night launch which could be lots of fun.  (See their website for more info.)

Glen Overby announced that the NAR National Sport Launch will be in Utah at the end of May next year.

Steve Robb showed us his new "super duper" Swinger.  He built it with a 24mm motor mount and reinforced pretty much everything with either carbon fiber or fiberglass.  Steve also brought along his new scratchbuilt 2-stage rocket.  It's designed to fly on two G104's with an onboard blacksky timer to ignite the sustainer motor and an altimeter to deploy the parachute.  He went to great pains to keep it under the 3.3 lb weight limit and plans to fly it at Blaine.  Damian Kostron showed us some vacu-form wraps for his Kosrox Saturn 1B kit.  Another person is making and selling them; there's a link on the Kosrox web site.  Steve Hum showed us his new multi-pad launch controller that he built into a toolbox.

Next month's meeting is "photo night".  Bring along your model rocket photos, real rocket photos, rocket posters, rocket books, rocket videos (we'll try to have a TV & VCR), etc...

For the evening's presentation, Ted Cochran, Seth Cochran, Glen Overby, and Alan Estenson talked about their experiences this summer at NARAM 42 in Colorado.  Many photos, stories, newspaper articles, and other things were shared.  Ted and Seth also brought along their trophies; Ted won 1st place in A boost glider, C division, and Seth won 4th place in D SuperRoc, A division!

(Alan Estenson)

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