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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

June 2000 meeting minutes (6/5/2000)

MASA President Russ Durkee started the June meeting at just after 7pm on Monday, June 5.  A few things were brought up:

  • Tonight's meeting was in a different room than normal.  The August meeting will also be in this room. [It's on the way to the regular room and on the same floor.]
  • The next launch will be on the 24th.  We hope to have it at Blaine.  Watch the web site for the final decision.
  • Ideas were solicited for the "Fat Boy Flyoff" at the June launch.  We will probably have some sort of duration contest as well as a popular vote for the best Fat Boy rocket.  Details will be posted to the web site.
  • The location, date, and time of the July club picnic and swap meet have not been decided yet.

Joe Kimmes gave an interesting and informative 40 minute presentation on aviation and airspaces.  (As he put it, his "ground school class for rocketry".)  Joe talked about the two classes of rockets that MASA launches and how they're governed by the FAR's (Federal Aviation Regulations).  He also educated us on the 5 types of airspace, how altitude is defined in two different ways, airways, navigation, and how to understand the weather report. Thanks, Joe!

For show-and-tell, Ted Cochran brought his little G-Wiz accelerometer that he won through the rmr design contest.  Alan Estenson brought a miniature Fat Boy - scaled down to bt-60 size.  Steve Robb brought his scratchbuilt rocket that he plans to use this weekend to attempt his level 1 high power certification.  Art Gibbens had some 1970 vintage Estes engines.

The details of the July picnic will be announced on the web site as soon as we know what they are...

(Alan Estenson)

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