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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

May 2000 meeting minutes (5/2/2000)

MASA President Russ Durkee started the May meeting at just after 7pm on Monday, May 1.  Several topics were discussed:

  • The weekend of the May launch coincides with "Discover Aviation Days" at the Anoka County Airport.  Due to the greatly increased air traffic and out of consideration to the airport tower, the May launch will not be held at the Blaine sod farm.  The launch will probably be held at the Elk River site and the date changed to Sunday, May 21.  (The field gets used for soccer on Saturdays.)  Our use of the field for this date has to be confirmed, so keep an eye on the web site for the final word.
  • In the future, the club "business" meetings will be announced in advance and open to any MASA members who wish to attend.  It's at these meetings that the nitty-gritty details surface and specific club issues get planned and discussed.  Be warned, however, that those members who attend these meetings invariably end up "volunteering" to do something!
  • Another round of "thank you's" was given to everyone who helped in Russ' absence and with the last launch.
  • Topics for the club meetings have been set through October.  Ideas for topics & activities at future meetings are still being solicited.
  • Alan Estenson mentioned that the "launch themes" listed on the website are things that he dreamed up while at his computer.  If anyone has other ideas, let him know.  Alan also announced that he is working on the 3rd generation MASA web site.  Ideas and suggestions for the new site are welcome!
  • Alan also said that he's been thinking about the club picnic in July.  The past two years, it's been held at a club member's house.  However, Alan suggested that, this year, we look into holding it in a public park.  He has been looking into the parks near where he lives in New Brighton.  The picnic "pavilion" in these parks can be reserved by a group for a nominal fee.  If someone wishes to volunteer to host the picnic at their house, that would be fine.  If we wish to have it in a park, we should set a date soon so the reservation can be made.

Art is the center of attention.

The topic for the evening was "tips and tricks for building and repairing rockets."Glen and his cluster-monster. (Damian's Mars Lander is in the foreground)

  • Russ Durkee passed along a few tips.  He showed various kinds of fillers and a nifty Olfa circle cutter that's good for making centering rings.
  • Damian Kostron showed us his completed, replica Mars Lander. [It looks great!]  He also showed us how to reverse a clothespin to make a tool for holding small pieces.
  • Glen Overby brought along two scratchbuilt rockets that he has under construction.  One was a scale Apache and the other was a potential 5-motor cluster.
  • Art Gibbens told us how he uses small emery boards (sold for fingernails) for sanding.  He passed along a hint for securing the top of a payload section with an extra piece of shock cord; that way, you can't loose it.  Phil Gibbens brought along his completed Scrambler egglofter for everyone to admire.
  • Ted Cochran brought a variety of styles of small clamps.  He also had an Edmonds RGX boost glider; it flies on the small Apogee micro motors.

The next MASA meeting will be on June 5.

(Alan Estenson)

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