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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

April 2000 meeting minutes (4/4/2000)

A good-sized crowd packed the room at the Science Museum on April 3rd for the regular club meeting; 23 people were in attendance.  Damian Kostron and Alan Estenson started the meeting just after 7pm. MASA President Russ Durkee was not present; due to other matters, he will not have an active role in the club for the next month or so.

  • Much of the discussion revolved around the impending demise of the old NAR insurance, how to have an informal (non-MASA) launch, and the fact that official MASA launches could not take place without insurance.  This discussion is now irrelevant.  While we were having our meeting, NAR President Mark Bundick was announcing via the Net that the NAR had acquired new insurance.
  • Given that there will be no interruption in the MASA NAR section insurance coverage, the next MASA launch will be on April 22, as scheduled.
  • Mike Martens and Mark Thell announced that they would be doing a rocket demo for a high school ROTC group in a few weeks.  They will let us know how it goes.Steve Hum and his AMRAAM
  • Ted Cochran reminded us that he has several large, school, rocket launch events coming up this spring.  He will be looking for volunteers to help.
  • Steve Hum brought along a very nice PML AMRAAM-2 for us to admire.  It was the first time that some people had closely examined a rocket made from PML's Quantum Tube.
  • Damian Kostron had a completely scratchbuilt replica of the old Estes Mars Lander.  He had downloaded the dimensions for all the parts from the JimZ web site and then laser cut the parts.  Everyone present told him that, if he offered it as a kit, he could sell a lot of them!

Shellshocked and ScramblerThe official topic for the evening was "egglofters".  The various kits available on the market were discussed.  They include the Custom Elite, Quest Courier, and several kits from QCR.  Several Estes egglofters have now been discontinued including the Scrambler, the Omloid, and the Shellshocked (starter set rocket).  Alan Estenson sold over a dozen Estes Scrambler kits to hopeful eggloft fliers.  Hopefully, we can have an eggloft competition at a launch later this summer.
Building...While some people took advantage of the time to begin construction on their egglofters, others simply "talked rockets" until it was time to go home.

The next MASA meeting will be on May 1.

(Alan Estenson)

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