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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

March 2000 meeting minutes (3/7/2000)

MASA members and visitors gathered at the Science Museum on March 6th for the regular club meeting.  22 people were in attendance, and Russ Durkee started the meeting at 7 pm.  Because there were several new faces in the crowd, we first took the time to go around the room and have everybody introduce themselves.

  • The next launch will be on the 25th.  If the Blaine site is dry enough, the launch will be held there.  If the sod is still too wet, the launch will be held at either White Bear Lake or Elk River.
  • A big thanks went out to Art & Joe for the production of the first MASA Planet newsletter of the year.  Everyone was reminded that submissions of nearly any type are welcome for the newsletter (and the website, too.)
  • Russ announced that he will be establishing an email "listserv" mailing list for the club.  When it is ready, he will email out the details of how to join and use the listserv.  (Instructions will also appear on the web site.)  Hopefully, this will facilitate more discussion and correspondence between MASA members who have email.
  • The current NAR insurance will officially be ending on April 5.  After that date, there will be no further official MASA launches until such a time as new insurance becomes effective.  If this situation persists for more than a few weeks, we will probably fall back on having occasional, "informal" member-organized launches that will be arranged via email.  These will probably be at the White Bear Lake site because both the Blaine and Elk River sites are private property, and we should not launch on private property without NAR section insurance.
  • Alan Estenson brought the group up to speed on the dwindling selection of kits (and other rocketry products) from Estes.  Estes has published a fold-out pamphlet this year instead of a real catalog.  The free pamphlets should be available at local hobby stores.
  • Ted Cochran reminded everyone that he is looking for volunteers for the Westwood Elementary school launch.  If you can help out, please contact him.
  • In general, if you are willing to volunteer at local rocket events involving schools, scouts, etc., please let Russ know.  This time of year, he gets a lot of requests for assistance from teachers and group leaders.

The topic for the evening was reloadable motors.  Russ described the basics of reloadable motors and then discussed the various size casings and the different motor reloads available for them.  As an example of the procedure, he then assembled an E16 reload in the 29mm casing.  Questions flew back-and-forth while tips and tricks were dispensed by those with reload experience.  Alan Estenson then discussed the economics of reloads versus single use and talked a bit about which motors represented the best deals.

The evening ended with a bit of show-and-tell.  Ted Cochran had brought his big, upscale Mars Lander which he built from the Tango Papa kit.  It was very impressive!  Ted said that it will be very heavy and will probably only go up about 700 feet on an "I" motor.  Art Gibbens showed us his unusual triangular rocket that he constructed from (empty) Toblerone boxes.  Finally, Alan Estenson showed off his newly-constructed rocket that has a siren whistle in the nose.

The next meeting will be on April 3rd.

(Alan Estenson)

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