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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
Site hosted courtesy of the
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

February 2000 meeting minutes (2/8/2000)

On February 7, MASA members gathered at the Science Museum in St. Paul for our monthly meeting.  About 18 people were in attendance, and Russ ("gimpy") Durkee started up the meeting about 7 pm.

  • The February launch will be held on the 26th at Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake.
  • The topic for the March meeting will be "reloadable motors".  Several people have requested this topic, so we will discuss pros-and-cons, assembly methods, economics, tips and tricks, and whatever else comes up.  If you're interested in adding reloadable motors to your rocket activities, be sure to attend.  If you've already entered the world of reloads, you might learn something new.
  • Reminder to continuing members - your dues for 2000 are now payable!
  • Let Russ know if are carrying NAR insurance for this year.
  • Work on the newsletter is "gimping" forward thanks to Art and Joe.

The "topic" for the meeting was "Saturn rockets - bring yours!".  A number of examples, both in stock form and highly modified, made an appearance.

Mike Kutzke brought his beefed-up Saturn V.  It has a 29mm motor mount, slightly larger fins, plywood centering rings, an Aerotech ejection baffle, and an internal launch lug.  It has flown once (last October) on a G35-4.

Art Gibbens had his 2-stage (D to D) Saturn V.  He built it from an old, partially-started kit which someone gave to him.  He has launched it twice.

Damian Kostron brought several rockets.  He had a stock Saturn V, a big Saturn 1B that he plans to kit (some day...) as a Kosrox model, and a smaller Saturn 1B that was modified from an old Estes kit into a 2-stage rocket.  The upper stage has "fins" that hide in the body tube and flip-out when the booster drops away.  Damian also had a Saturn V Skylab which he is in the process of modifying for 2-stage flight.  It will use an electronic timer to ignite the upper stage motor, and it will also have flip-out fins on the upper stage.

Carl Persson brought his sci-fi "Saturn 7".  This is the rocket that looks simply incredible when it launches on a cluster of seven (yes, 7) D12's.  Also, although it wasn't a Saturn, we made Carl talk about the new rocket that he brought along.  It's a sorta-Nike/military 2-stager that will have seven (yes, 7) C motors in the booster and a D motor in the sustainer.  [Carl seems to have a thing for the number 7.]

Ted Cochran brought along his (very nicely done) Saturn V.  Ted's has an internal launch lug, and it was modified so that it can fly with the molded plastic F1 rocket nozzles in place.  It has flown once on an E18.

(Alan Estenson)

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