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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

January 2000 meeting minutes (1/11/2000)

On January 10, MASA members gathered at the new Science Museum in St. Paul for the first club meeting of 2000.  About 20 people were in attendance as Russ started the proceedings at about 7 pm.  Some of the information passed along by Russ:

  • The monthly meetings will be held in classrooms at the Science Museum at least through May of this year.
  • The next launch will be on January 29th at Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake.
  • For continuing members, your year 2000 dues are now payable.  You may pay at an upcoming launch or meeting or fill out the form and mail it in along with a check.  Remember, your dues help the club meet its financial obligations.
  • We need 5 insured NAR members in order to get NAR section insurance.  If you carry or plan to carry the NAR individual insurance, please let Russ know.  [It looks like we won't have a problem coming up with 5 people.]
  • The Events schedule on the web site will be fleshed-out soon with more details of upcoming meetings.
  • On that note, any ideas for topics or events to enliven club meetings this year would be very welcome.  Last year, the most popular meetings were those when we had some sort of building session.
  • Joe Kimmes and Art Gibbens have volunteered to work together to produce the MASA Planet newsletter.  The newsletter will come out at least twice this year and possibly four times.  If you have ideas, suggestions, or material to contribute to the newsletter, please talk to Joe or Art.
  • Additional volunteers are being sought to:
  1. Find topics for club meetings and plan club events, and
  2. Help coordinate launches, find people to serve as RSO/LCO's, and/or store the boxes of launch equipment between launches.
  • Please contact Russ if you're willing to serve!  [To have a successful club, we need people who are willing to pitch-in and help!]
  • A short discussion ensued about the NAR/TRA joint action against the BATF.  Alan Estenson and Bob Brashear contributed some information on the current situation.  If you fly or plan to fly large motors, your donation is essential to funding this ongoing legal action.  See the NAR web site for more information.
  • Russ and Damian informed us that the club financial situation looks good as we begin the new year.  We did give a gift again to the owner of the sod farm in Blaine.  There will be no increase in dues.
  • Russ also passed along "thanks" to Alan for keeping up the web site and to everyone who helped-out at the launches last year.

Bob Brashear told us that the Southern Minnesota Tripoli group is investigating information that recently came to light.  It seems that, back in 1957, Minnesota had its own version of the "Rocket Boys".  In southern Minnesota, there is a "historical marker" along a highway that commemorates some amateur rocket flights by local youth.

To finish the "official" part of the evening, MASA President Russ Durkee presented the second annual "MASSY" awards.  [These are just-for-fun awards that Russ dreams up.]

First, Russ had a red ribbon for Ken Jarosch for the "Made My Day Award".  At the July launch, Ken brought along a box of rockets and gave them away to kids that came to the launch.

Prang Awards

  • A white ribbon was presented to Glen Overby for his Aerobee 300 lawn dart.
  • A red ribbon went to Larry "Horse Killer" Schwartz for the cruise missile flight of his 2-stage Fat Boy at the November launch.  [We won't elaborate any more on that subject except to disclaim "No horses were harmed during the shooting of this rocket"]
  • A blue ribbon went to John Knoll for the heartbreaking [but really spectacular] loss of his incredible NCR X-Wing.

Upstanding Rocketeer Awards

  • A white ribbon was presented to Lee & Mollie Frisvold for both the great flights of their 2-stage Fat Boy and for their ability to dominate the streamer duration competition.
  • A red ribbon was presented to Art Gibbens in honor of his incredible 2-stage Saturn V.
  • A blue ribbon went to Bud Herema.  In July, Bud drove a long distance to come to our Apollo 11 Commemorative launch with his impressive Saturn V, launch pad and gantry.  It was the highlight of a great day of launching rockets.

The Rocketeer of the Year Award went to Carl Persson.  Carl comes up with interesting and unique projects such as his "Humpty Dumbty" and the Saturn 7.  What's more, he keeps developing and improving his rockets until they work perfectly.  Carl also is known for his incredible rocket photos.

To finish off the evening, rocket talk and rocket projects were discussed and examined as we watched some of Carl's video footage of recent MASA launches.

(Alan Estenson)

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