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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

November 1999 meeting minutes (11/6/1999)

Meeting in the lunchroom at Aero Systems Engineering (ASE) in Plymouth, the November MASA meeting started at about 7 pm.  Alan Estenson kicked off the meeting by talking about rocket news and the new stuff displayed at the National Model and Hobby Show in Chicago the previous week.

To begin the "official" part of the meeting, Russ Durkee announced that the November launch will be held at the new site in Elk River.  [Directions and more information will be forthcoming.]  As the field is used for soccer, any summer launches held in Elk River next year will have to be on Sunday afternoons instead of Saturday mornings.  We are still looking for more launch sites; your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

No definite word yet on whether we will be able to hold MASA meetings at the new Science Museum in St. Paul next year.

Nominations were held for MASA officers.  Since our current officers were willing to serve for another year, and since there were no other nominations,  Alan Estenson moved that no vote was necessary and Art Gibbens seconded it.  [And so ended our near-brush with Robert's Rules of Order.  #shudder#]

Damian Kostron gave us a treasurer's report.  The gist of it was that the finances look OK.

Mollie Frisvold was awarded a gift certificate for winning the A8-3 special streamer duration competition at the last launch.  Mollie's time of over 49 seconds severely outclassed all other competitors.

The next hour or so was spent as Alan Estenson gave a tour of the ASE FluiDyne Aerotest Lab's test facilities, model shops, and wind tunnels.  [If anyone was bored, they hid it well.]

In December, the regular meeting will be replaced by the MASA Holiday Party.  [Note - the party ended up being cancelled]

(Alan Estenson)

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