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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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October 1999 Meeting Minutes (10/7/1999)

The October MASA meeting started at 7pm at Russ and Brenda's place in Minneapolis.  Russ started the meeting by reminding us that the next launch will be on October 23rd.  The site hasn't been determined yet, but if all else fails, it will be in White Bear Lake.

We are still looking for good launch sites!  If you know of any possibilities, please contact Russ!  Currently, one new site is being investigated that is out between Elk River and Rogers.  The property is owned by the local VFW; it is a fairly good-sized field (covered with soccer fields, of course...) with a parking lot and (most important) porta-potties.  It looks as if we may be able to use this site, but it isn't yet locked-in.

The November launch will be held on the 3rd Saturday, the 20th, as the normal 4th Saturday is on the weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday.

The location of the November meeting hasn't been determined yet.  Watch your email for an announcement.

Ted Cochran brought along several custom rockets that he has built for the MicroMaxx motors.  They included a tiny version of his level 2 Tethys, an itsy-bitsy Viking sounding rocket, and a Titan 3a that he's currently building.  Ted also showed us his altimeter bay with provision for dual-deployment that he retrofitted to meet the new NAR specs for level 3 projects.  Russ showed us a couple different altimeters.  Several newly built rockets were passed around for inspection by those present.

Our feature for the night was a demonstration of the RockSim program by Robert Rech.  Rob showed everyone how easy it is to create, analyze, and simulate a rocket in this program.  He also illustrated the flexibility of the program by showing us various rocket designs of his own creation.  [Thanks Rob!]

(Alan Estenson)

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