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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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May 1999 Meeting Minutes (5/3/1999)

The May MASA meeting convened at 7 pm at Damian Kostron's residence in Woodbury.   Taking advantage of Damian's garage and workshop, a good turnout of MASA members constructed large, four-legged PVC launch pads with a swiveling launch rod mount.   These turned out to be quite substantial pads, capable of taking up to a 1/4" launch rod.  Quite a bargain for those who participated, each pad cost its' builder only $15 to cover the materials.  A total of 6 pads were constructed in less than an hour's time.  These pads will be a welcome addition as their new owners will (hopefully) bring them to upcoming MASA launches.  (Photos have now been posted to the web site.)

Carl Persson showed the videotape of his latest sci-fi epic featuring the launch of his "Saturn 7."  Ted Cochran brought along his recently-completed multi-pad launch controller and the payload bay for his PML Tethys complete with Olsen altimeter.

Another topic of discussion later in the evening was the rapid growth of the club, the club launches, and the inevitable wear-and-tear that we inflict on our sod-farm launch site.  As shown at the recent April launch, more and more cars and people are coming to our regular launches.  Although we have a good relationship with the landowner, we feel that we should have more than one regular launch site.  That way, we might alternate between locations and avoid imposing overly on any one site (or landowner).   If you know of any potential, possible launch sites, please pass the info on to Russ Durkee.

(Alan Estenson)

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