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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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April 1999 Meeting Minutes (4/6/1999)

The April 1999 MASA meeting convened at 7 pm at the Science Museum in St. Paul with a very good turnout of MASA members both new and old.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the news of the MASA article in Sport Rocketry magazine.  Damian reports that MASA has already added several new members as a result of the article.  MASA currently has about 40-45 paid members.

The next launch is scheduled for Saturday, April 24 starting at about 11 am.

Several schools have contacted Russ with requests for rocket launch demos.  Russ hasn't made any promises yet, but if you have time and are willing to help, please contact him by email or phone.

The May meeting will be held at Damian Kostron's home so that we can hold a launch pad building session.  For a nominal fee to cover materials, you will be able to build a launch pad capable of holding up to a one pound rocket.  The launch pad will, of course, then belong to you, but we hope that you'll bring it along with you to club launches.  If you have any good ideas about launch pad design, please forward them to Russ.

Also in May, we will be resuming the MASA weekday evening launches.  We hope to hold two of these launches per month throughout the summer in addition to the normal Saturday launch..  These launches will typically start about 5 pm and go until just before sunset (or until the mosquitoes come out in swarms.  [The bugs, not the rockets.])  These "informal launches" will not be posted on the web site, but MASA members will be notified of a launch a few days in advance by email or phone.  We tend to get some nice, calm summer evenings here in Minnesota that are just perfect for flying a few rockets...

The remainder of the evening was spent in general discussion and show-and-tell centered around our topic:  computer programs for rocket stability and performance prediction.   Using a couple laptop computers, rockets that MASA members had brought to the meeting were analyzed for stability and performance.  The data were entered into several different programs, including VCP, WRASP, WINROC, and Rocksim, and the varying results compared.

(Alan Estenson)

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