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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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March 1999 Meeting Minutes (3/2/1999)

The March 1999 MASA meeting convened at 7 pm on Monday, March 1 at the Science Museum in St. Paul.  The most important announcement regarded the March launch date.   Due to various conflicts, including NARCON, the March MASA launch will be held on the 20th instead of the 27th.  Details of the launch pad building session discussed during the February meeting are still being worked out, and a date has not yet been set.

Russ Durkee brought the members present up to date on the known BATF situation with regards to larger rocket motors.  Ted Cochran briefly discussed his continuing adventures in acquiring a LEUP and researching the pertinent state and local regulations.

The majority of the evening was spent in an informal rocket building "kit bash".  Everyone brought along miscellaneous parts, components, and building supplies.  Pieces were then modified, traded, bought & sold, and given-away.   The scent of CA and kicker soon filled the room.  Mark Thell made a BT-20 based rocket with H-pattern fins, reminiscent of a TIE fighter.  Christopher Kvidera made a 3 foot rocket from BT-5 with three rakish fins.  Ted Cochran & company built an Estes Mini-Cobra 2 stager and worked on constructing replacement Commanche-3 lower stages.  Alan Estenson concocted a sci-fi creation from an Estes SR-71 kit, dubbing it the RQ-70 (because it's one step better...)  Damian Kostron constructed a recreation of an old Centuri kit and received some friendly ribbing for working from photocopies of the original instructions.  [Instructions?  We don't need no stinkin' instructions.]  Damian did then redeem himself by whipping up a small rocket with some outlandish number of fins on it.  Russ Durkee created an interesting craft with an old Crusader nose cone at the front and a joined, swept wing/tail at the rear.   [Reminiscent of designs the Navy has proposed for carrier-borne reconn/patrol/AEW to replace planes like the A-6, if that helps...]

The next MASA meeting will be on Monday, April 5.
(Alan Estenson)

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