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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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February 1999 Meeting Minutes (2/6/1999)

The February 1999 MASA meeting convened at 7 pm on Monday, February 1 at the Science Museum in St. Paul.  A total of 8 members were in attendance.  A reminder was made that the next MASA launch is scheduled for Saturday, February 27.  The expected article on MASA did not make it into the new January/February issue of Sport Rocketry magazine, so we will have to look for it in the next issue.  However, we did note that Russ Durkee appeared in a NARCON photo on page 9.  (The back of his head also appears in a photo on page 12.)

Speaking of NARCON, Russ announced that he will be attending and will have extra room in his car if a few other MASA members are interested in going along.  In a nutshell, NARCON is the NAR annual convention.  It will be held on March 26-28 in Champaign, Illinois.  For more info on NARCON, see page 3 of the newest issue of The Model Rocketeer or page 44 of the new issue of Sport Rocketry.  

In an attempt to bring more MASA members out to the meetings, Russ discussed having a special meeting which would consist of a launch pad building session.  A prototype pad was on display at the meeting.  A nominal fee would be charged to cover materials.  The pad would be sufficient for rockets up to 1 pound for member's private use or to bring along to club launches.  It would be great to see some of the "mystery names" on the MASA membership list at some meetings.  Usually, it's the same 8 to 10 people at every meeting...

Damian Kostron is looking for any submissions for the newsletter, MASA Planet.   [Your webmaster would also welcome any submissions of material for the web site.]

The last hour of the meeting was spent in a boost-glider building session.  Plans were provided from an article in the Fall 1995 issue of Sport Rocketry magazine.  Building supplies were brought by the members in attendance with some body tubes and nose cones donated by Damian.  Everyone had a lot of fun as we sanded up a storm of balsa dust and then performed test glides of our creations in the courtyard.

The next MASA meeting will be on Monday, March 1.
(Alan Estenson)

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