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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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January 1999 Meeting Minutes (1/9/1999)

The first MASA meeting of 1999 was held on Monday, January 4th at the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul.  The meeting began at 7 pm as Russ Durkee discussed a few items of club business.  In particular, all continuing MASA members are reminded that they should pay their dues for 1999.  (Link to Membership Application)  MASA members who have paid for NAR individual insurance for 1999 should contact Russ Durkee.  He needs to list at least 5 NAR members with insurance in order to apply for NAR section insurance for the year.  Remember, the NAR insurance runs by calendar year (January to December) and not by the expiration date on your NAR membership card.  See the last issue of the Model Rocketeer for more information about NAR individual insurance.

Thanks to generous donations by MASA members, we were able to give a holiday card and gift to the sod farm owners expressing our gratitude for allowing us to use their fields.

MASA member (and camcorder nut extraordinaire) Carl Persson has compiled two video tapes of local rocket activities in 1998.  The first tape contains footage from a number of MASA launches this summer and fall.  The second tape contains footage from Minnesota Tripoli launches in June, July, September, and October.  Carl has done a great job on these tapes, and he is offering copies for sale at $10. per tape plus S&H.  If you're interested in a great video record of Minnesota rocketry in action, Carl can be contacted at (612) 519-1206.

Alan Estenson is looking for a volunteer or two to assist him with a presentation about model rockets for the Anoka County 4-H project workshop on February 6.  This is a one hour presentation  with questions and answers about model rockets.  The workshop will be held at the Bunker Hills Activity Center which is just a few miles from the Blaine launch site.  If you have a few hours that morning and are willing to help, please contact Alan.

The evening's highlight was a presentation (multimedia extravaganza!) by Ted Cochran about the Saturn V.  Ted showed us various resources available on the Web that contain detailed information about the components and versions of the Saturn V rocket.   These could be great sources for those of us who have a new Estes Saturn V kit to build; you could create a competition-level masterpiece by using the available info on the Internet.  Ted also discussed the good-and-bad about the new Estes kit and compared it to the previously available Estes and Centuri kits.  It's time to tear the shrinkwrap off the box and start building; the MASA Apollo 11 Commemorative Launch is scheduled for July 17!

Useful sites for those interested in modeling or just learning more about the Saturn V.

John Duncan's The Apollo Saturn Reference Page

Corway's Apollo Site (down?)

Knudson's FAQ, modeling details, and photos

NASA Apollo History

Jim Stuckman's Review of the Estes 30th Anniversary Apollo 11 Saturn V

Plans for Estes #K-36 Saturn V (jimz)

Plans for Estes #2001 Saturn V (jimz)
(Alan Estenson)

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