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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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December Holiday Party Report (1/9/99)

The first-annual MASA Holiday get-together was held on Friday, December 11, 1998 at the home of Damian Kostron.  Around 20 people gathered to munch on goodies, talk about rockets, look at photos, drool over Damian's workshop ("This place is way too clean!",  "Damian, are there any hobbies that you aren't into?"), and watch Carl Persson's video tape of 1998 MASA launches.

The evening's highlight was provided by MASA President Russ Durkee as he presented the First Annual "MASSY" Awards.  (These awards were evidently created by Russ in one of his spare moments of lunacy.)

2nd Place, Alan Estenson for his flight of an Edmonds CiCi on an E23, thus proving that you can create smoking, balsa confetti.
1st Place, Mark Thell receives the "Persistence in the Face of Adversity" award.   Mark had a number of unfortunate flights this year.  If bad and good luck come in equal measures, Mark should have a great year in 1999 to compensate for 1998...

3rd Place, Mike Kutzke.  At the October launch, Mike put a maiden flight on his Estes Saturn V which had won him a 4-H purple ribbon at the 1984 MN State Fair!
2nd Place, Steve Fox.  Steve launched a stock Estes Fat Boy on an Apogee E6 giving all new meaning to the phrase "It keeps going, and going, and ..."  Flying half a mile downrange was just an added bonus.
1st Place, Damian Kostron.  Upon launch, one wing popped open on Damian's Estes Tomcat.  However, after motor burnout, this model began a perfect glide for about 20 seconds.  At that time, the model evidently awoke to the stunning realization that it was violating the obscure law of physics that prohibits a Tomcat from gliding well, so it tucked under and did a nosedive into the ground, destroying itself.

3rd Place, Carl Persson.  Carl did some great camcorder work this year and invented some interesting apparatus for filming close-ups of rocket launches.
2nd Place, Jacob (?).  At the October launch, Jacob managed 10 1/2A launches of the same Estes Mosquito!
1st Place, Christopher Kvidera.  Christopher showed an amazing range of rocketry interests and accomplishments during 1998.  He flew model rockets, stomp rockets, boost gliders, and camera rockets (just to name a few).

The evening's festivities were capped off by a drawing for door prizes provided courtesy of Hub Hobby Center, Little Canada.  Linda Fox won an Estes Astron Alpha IV.   Jenny Fox won an Estes Fat Boy.  Aaron Thompson won an Estes Seahawk.
(Alan Estenson)

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