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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

November Meeting Minutes (11/5/1998)

The monthly MASA meeting was held on Monday, November 2 starting at 7 pm.  This was our first meeting at the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul.  Members in attendance included:  Russ Durkee, Damian Kostron, Mark Thell, Alan Estenson, Chris Kvidera, Steve Fox, Mike Martens, Ted Cochran

The primary club business of the evening consisted of nominations for elections of club officers for 1999.  The motion to ignore Roberts Rules of Order was heartily seconded.  Russ Durkee was nominated for President, Mark Thell for Vice President, and Damian Kostron for Secretary / Treasurer.  Being that there were no other nominations, the members present voted to skip the elections scheduled for the December meeting and appoint these people as nominated.  Ted Cochran attempted to rally a vote to change Alan Estenson's title from "Voluntary Webmaster" to "Mandatory Webmaster".  However, this action was not pursued...

Russ Durkee informed us that we have a potential new winter flying site.  The same landowner for the sod farm we currently use has another field about a mile further west.   However, unlike the current field, this field is located on a road which is kept plowed of snow.  Look for more details soon on the web site.  Russ also reminded us that the November launch will be a week earlier than usual due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Alan Estenson took the floor for a while.  First, he passed around some brochures and spoke of the new rocketry products on display at the National Model and Hobby Show in Chicago.  Next, he talked about speaking with Ed LaCroix at the Chicago show.   Ed is a former Minnesota resident who is now the Marketing Director for Aerotech.   When Ed lived in Minnesota, he was active in the last NAR section in this area.   He said that the club equipment from the old section is still in someone's garage in the metro area.  He is going to look into finding it and seeing if it can be handed-down to MASA.

The new issues about the BATF regulating all motors larger than "F" were discussed at some length.

For the evening's technical presentation, Russ discussed rules-of-thumb for motor and parachute selection.  This is valuable knowledge for everyone who acts as RSO at the club launches.

Show -n- Tell:  Alan passed around his album of rocket photos - including some from the October launch.  Ted brought along his Olsen altimeter.  Russ showed his cute lil' Apogee Micro-V2.

The meeting adjourned about 8:30 pm.
(Alan Estenson)

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