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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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October Meeting Minutes (10/6/1998)

MASA's October meeting was held Monday, October 5 at the residence of Carl Persson beginning at 7 pm.  MASA members in attendance included Russ Durkee, Damian Kostron, Alan Estenson, Chris Kvidera, Steve Fox, Len Solarz, Doug Regester, Carl Persson, and Jackson Thatcher. (Apologies for any misspelled names.)

Russ announced that, beginning next month, MASA meetings will be held in a classroom at the Science Museum in St. Paul.  This will give us a nice facility for our meetings.   However, we will either have to park on the street (free in St. Paul in the evenings) or pay to park in a ramp.  We will likely loose this location next year while the Museum moves to its new building.  More details and directions will be provided before the next meeting.

Russ also announced that nominations for club officers will be taken during the November meeting.  Elections will take place during the December meeting.  The December meeting will consist of the elections and a holiday party - held at Russ's place in Minneapolis.

Damian went over current and projected club finances.  He also made the announcement that club dues will be going up for the next calendar year.  Individual membership (18 and older) will be $10 for the year.  Family membership (up to 4 people) will be $12.  Junior membership (under 18) will be $5.  Members who would normally pay the $10 dues but who carry the NAR personal insurance will only be assessed $5 instead of $10.

Alan Estenson discussed the new web site.  Contributions for and suggestions about the site are welcome from all MASA members.  Alan passed around a printout of the new kit offerings from Public Missiles.  He also proposed the idea of a Apollo 11 commemorative 30th anniversary launch on July 17 of next year.  By then, everyone should have their new Saturn V's built!

After a short break, during which we enjoyed some delicious cake made by Carl's sister, we had a show-n-tell session.  Carl showed us some of his scratchbuilt creations including his "Humpty Dumbty" and his "Saturn 7".  Steve Fox showed-off his scratchbuilt "Warthog" complete with flashing strobes for nighttime recovery.  Russ Durkee brought along his nearly-complete 'Cuda R/C boost glider.  Damian Kostron showed his profile / proof of concept / prototype flight test model Space Shuttle for R/C BG.

We finished the evening by watching the Rocketman "Flaming Rockets" video and Carl's video of Steve Fox's cert 2 attempt at the last MN TRA launch.  (It was a Bruiser on a J415.  Great launch, but the recovery system separated.  Better luck next time, Steve.)

Some MASA members put football before rockets and stayed home to watch the Vikings - Packers game.  (But we won't name names...)
(Alan Estenson)

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