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Last updated: Jan 31, 2010
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June 27 2015 launch report

On Saturday, June 27, MASA held a launch at the Elk River / Otsego VFW Fields. 

It was a beautiful summer Saturday!


A few of the flights:

MASA members - please send in your thoughts about the launch! 

Brian La Rose writes:

My son flew a two drag races of three Baby Berthas on C6-5's, one against my Super Big Bertha on a D12-5. I flew my Estes V2 twice on a D12-5 nicely, and my kitbash from last year "Phoenix" caught a thermal as it was coming down and eventually drifted down behind the bulldozer to the north. I also helped a few neighborhood kids with some FITI rockets. Great day for flying!

Todd Carpenter writes:

The weather was perfect for flying.  At one point there was an amazing iridescent cloud in the sky right next to the sun.

Neal and I started launching shortly after 9am.  I flew my big Balsa Machine's "Illuminati Pyramid" on a G76, followed by my Saturn V on an E18.  The Saturn V landed a step away from the launch pad.  No wind flights are really nice...  I also launched my Art Applewhite pyramid on an 18mm D21.  Bwahahaha.  The aliens never saw a pyramid accelerate like that.  Jenny and I raced Flutter-Bys.  Oaken Shield (with a newly grown nose, got rid of the ugly plastic), Steam Comet, a Hornet also all enjoyed great flights.  Then the big pyramid again on an F44.

I also experimented with a NARCON 2008 keychain rocket that I converted to MicroMaxx.  The first attempt rod locked, and I had to move the launch lug.  The next was a safe launch, but it only went up about 8'.  I'll have to tear the nose apart and remove some of the weight. 

I also tested a new Jolly Logic Altimeter Three.  After observing some odd behaviors with the altimeter, I developed a hypothesis:  The Jolly Logic altimeters do not seem to record flights unless you turn them on. I tested this a few times (by not starting recording), and discovered that in fact, it does not record when it is off.  In contrast, if you turn them on and start recording, the likelihood of it capturing a flight goes up significantly (but not 100%, see below).  I talked over my test results with Brian La Rose.  He obligingly confirmed my observations with an independent test, by launching a rocket with an Altimeter One, also without turning it on.  Result: no data. 

My altimeters seem to have similar behavior when it they are safely packed away in the range box, rather than being both on and attached to a rocket (e.g., my Saturn V).  I hypothesize they only record flights when they are both on and attached to the rocket that is actually flying.  I believe Glen Overby performed a similar test by designing and flying his desired specialized flight profile, but on a rocket that did not have the electronics on board.   I will probably continue to test that in the future.

Neal Higgins writes:

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, my only complaint was that I didn't start the launch at 8am instead.

With the non existent wind I decided to start the day with a couple of high altitude flights.

1st was the Arachnid (baby bertha) on a D10W-7 followed by Skeeter chad staging from an E12-0 to a E12-6. Both were great flights but a long walk for the Skeeter. The walk was made worse by Todd who flew his Saturn 5 on an E18 and landed it 3' from the pad. 
I next flew a couple of pyramids/saucers. Osiris flew on a C11-3 and F29 Stealth flew on an F44W-4. I really do like these rockets.
With the clam winds I decided to bring out the micro maxx Commanche 3. The 1st 2 stages lit but for some reason the upper stage did not fire. It still flew great and I got all of the pieces back. In fact the 2 stage motor bounced off my hand at the launch control table (no catching allowed). I tried a could of times to get the upper stage to fire and when it finally did it flew very nicely.
I next flew my Twilight Interceptor on a D10W-7 for another great flight.
Now it was time for gliders. I flew my Buzzard, CiCi and Deltie B all on B4-2 motors and all flew beautifully. The Deltie might have set a duration record.
I next flew my Rising Star on a cluster of 3 C11-3 motors (should have been C11-5) for a very nice flight. I followed that up with my Landviper on 3 B6-6's for another great flight.
To end my day I flew F29 Stealth on an F27R-4 for another great flight.

Thanks everyone who helped with the range setup and tear down and for coming out on such a great day.

Alan Estenson writes:

I managed to make it to a MASA launch!  I made it out to the soccer fields on Saturday for about 2 hours and 11 flights.

"Corrigan" flew for the first time after a major refit - changed it from rear ejection to conventional ejection and from an 18 to a 24mm motor mount.

My Wicked Winnie lost a fin sometime in flight.  Thanks to Bill Welsh for finding it!
My Falcon 9 had a perfect flight - unlike the actual SpaceX flight the next day.

The Details:

Full launch tally  - see the Google Docs spreadsheet

The totals were:  98 flights with 109 motors burned. The motor breakdown follows:


# Burned

MicroMaxx 6












E 10
F 3



(Alan Estenson)

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