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Last updated: Jan 31, 2010
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July 6 2014 launch report

On Sunday, July 6, MASA held a launch at the Elk River / Otsego VFW Fields. 

A few of the flights:

MASA members - please send in your thoughts about the launch! 

Anand Vyas writes:

The range was open around 10 am and yours truly enjoyed serving as LCO in the first shift (thanks to Todd Carpenter who granted my request). It is always fun to see the kids getting the thrill of rocket launches. By the time Todd took over, there were some periods of lull in the wind that I could fortuitously use to my advantage. I started out with a trial of a rocket (whose name I forget, sorry) that I had covered with orange ducted tape. Considering the field and the winds, I flew it with A8-3, and with streamer recovery it landed within 20 yards of launch pad.  Next, I prepped my salvaged Rose-A-Roc helicopter recovery rocket with C6-7 (as A8-3 would not allow for enough time to enjoy the recovery flight, and I had no B6-x, where x is not zero, in my arsenal). My choice did raise eyebrows that seemed to express surprise at my sanity and/or love of my creation (rocket). The flight went well, but the blades did not seem to deploy as intended. Interestingly, the rocket did not lawn dart but rotated along the rocket axis (which was now lateral) as it seemed to land near the shoulder of the road adjacent to the highway. I thought I had lost the rocket but it landed somewhere 100 yards in the interior that I recovered on my way back to launch site. The blades had deployed well, and the rocket wasn't damaged in any way either. I suspect the combination of strong winds and weak rubber might have prevented proper deployment. Finally, I dared to fly my Semroc Hawk glider recovery rocket that I had built this summer. Mike Farrell was very kind to share the tip on how to trim the glider using masking tape. The first flight with A8-3 rocket did not fly too well and clearly it needed some work on the trim. With a longer piece of masking tape that served as raised "elevator", I tried flying again with A8-3 motor. This time it flew well but Neal (LCO) and I were hoping that it not drift onto the highway. Luckily, it turned gracefully in a spiral and landed just beyond the last goal post where my helicopter had landed.

With winds not letting up, and with no other interesting rocket to fly for the Otsego launch site, I departed for home.

Neal Higgins writes:

Thanks everyone who helped PACK 634 with their rockets. Thanks everyone who helped with range setup, tear down and shifts at LCO/RSO.

Despite the winds, heat and humidity I think everyone had a good time. It looks like there were around 75 flights total for the day.

I flew my Pyramid on a G77R to wow the scouts. The chute didn't eject until after hitting the ground. Next time a little more drilling of the delay element.
I flew my P.N.O.D. on a C6-5. This is the Vatsaas build session rocket which I painted in a US flag motif. Ken Hoyme was the one who named it for me. Ask him sometime what PNOD stands for.
I flew my Stonebreaker on a C11-3 which arced back over the crowd but still landed safely.
I flew my freshly painted Acme Spitfire on a C11-5 for a very nice flight.
And last I flew my Rocketarium Terra Former on a D12-3.

Thanks again everyone for coming out despite the weather and making it a great launch.

The Details:

Full launch tally (PDF)

The totals were:  x flights with x motors burned. The motor breakdown follows:


# Burned
















(Alan Estenson)

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