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Last updated: Mar 27, 2010
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October 13 2013 launch report

Neal Higgins:

On Saturday Oct 12th, Tripoli has given us permission to join them at North Branch for their launch. This will probably be our last High Power opportunity this year. We have been asked to supply extra low power pads and assist on the low power range throughout the day.  For now you can check them out at:

Gary Stroick:

I hope all of you that attended the launch yesterday enjoyed your time flying with the Tripoli club. We certainly enjoyed having you fly with us, it was a gorgeous day, and best of all we burned a fair amount of AP as well as seeing some pretty great flights.

Todd Carpenter:

Had a great time, Gary!  The field, processes, and people were great.  In general, it was a good day to fly!

It was not, however, a good day to fly Q-tubes.  Tethys is back in the shipyards.  *sigh*

Jon Isom:

Also had a great time despite not flying as much as hoped.

Enjoyed seeing Niel's Green Goblin on a K along with lots of other great flights.

Neal Higgins:

I also had a great time at the launch. The launch of my Green Goblin on a K695R made for a great birthday gift to myself. Thanks Michael for allowing me to break in your Rocket Hunter and for the ride to retrieve the Goblin so I didn't have to get wet crossing the ditch.

To all of the Tripoli MN members,
All of the members of MASA wish to thank you for letting our club join you all at the Oct 13th launch. With our field in limbo it was great having a place to hold what was our last high power launch of the year.
I know all of the members who attended had a great time flying, watching and talking rockets.

I hope there will be more opportunities to hold combined club events in the future.

Neal Higgins

MASA - President

Michael Farrell

Seconded! One if the best days for launching this season. I'm not sure of the totals, but it seemed to me that the MASA members at the launch focused on high-power. Anecdotally, I think mid and high power flights outnumbered low power flights for the day.

I got my highest yet flight, 5,188 ft. with a J360 Skidmark in my L2 rocket. It landed ten feet from my car.


(Alan Estenson)

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