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Last updated: Mar 27, 2010
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June 2013 launch report

On Saturday, June 29th, MASA held its regular monthly launch at the sod fields near Nowthen. The launch had been moved back one week due to weather.

Theme:  Patriotic Rockets - Fly the Red, White & Blue!

The theme of this launch was "patriotic rockets".

Special Events:   Patriot Rocket drag race, Flying of the Vatsaas "Vente Vini Vici" Odd-Rocs (from the March meeting)

Thanks to everyone who helped set up and tear down the launch range.

Thanks to the RSO/LCO volunteers: 

Congratulations to Sean Flynn on his successful Level 1 certification flight!  Sean flew a Leviathan on an H128.

Congratulations to Jon Isom on his successful Level 1 certification flight!  Jon flew a LOC IV on an H125-9.

MASA members - please send in your thoughts about the launch! 

Neal Higgins writes:

The road was muddy, the field was wet and the porta-potty was upright and clean when I got there. I had been informed that the last storm had tipped it over but the land owner pot it upright again. I drove in some fence posts that should keep it from tipping over again.  I started setting up the range around 8:15 and shortly after help started to arrive. Thanks everyone.  The crowd was very light so I did LCO/RSO duty for the bulk of the day. Thanks Dave Whitaker for taking over the last couple of hours.

Congratulations to Jon Isom and Sean Flynn on your successful Level 1 Flights.

Allan Grover showed up with a 3" all fiberglass dual deploy kit from Wildman. Sorry I don't remeber the name. He had it equipped with an AIM XTRA GPS Flight Computer and a J1299WN motor. It shot off the pad climbed to around 3000' and deployed a small X-Chut at apogee. AT 700' the main deployed but it still ended up more than a 1/4 mile away. Beautiful flight Allan. I bet you're glad you drove to the R/C field instead of walking. Allan told me later in the day that we need to have an air horn so we can warn the R/C club of any high power flights. They want to see them take off not just hear the roar too late to see them. They enjoy a good HPR flight as much as we do.

Pack 634 of Roseville showed up with 5 kids ready to recieve FITI rockets and do some flying. Thanks to one of my co-workers who found a flight pack of motors that he donated to MASA for the FITI flights. Most of the scouts got in 2 or 3 flights. One of the scout lost his rocket to the corn but it was recovered later in the day after they had left. I will get it him sometime in the next couple of weeks. I think the sports has gained a few more flyers. I think we will be doing a build session or 2 with this pack in the future.

Several members of Nowthen Pack 95 showed up to fly too. The leader Tony Davis has flown rockets before so this group didn't need much if any guidance.

Jennifer Lynne Jones and her father came to observe but when I told them of them FITI program she eagerly picked out the duck taped Quest Cobalt and flew it on a C6-5. She decied one flight was enough and more than happy to just watch for the better part of the day. I think she and her dad are hooked and we will be be seeing them again as MASA members.

Once thing settled down a bit I decided I needed to fly something. I loaded up Barney (Pteradactyl Jr cone) with an I245G motor. The scouts loved it and to thank Jennifer Lynne Jones for volunteering to retrieve it for me I gave her another motor for her Cobalt.  I flew my Patriotic painted Vente Vini Vici (now dubbed the PNOD by Ken Hoyme, ask me at the next launch what it stands for) on a C6-5 (should have been a C6-3) for an OK flight and flight and hard landing. No damage so it will fly again.  I next flew my Micro Der Red Max, and MIcro Cassiopeia I ended the day with a flight of my 38mm upscale Fletcher named Dartagnon on an F20W-4.

Our deaf member WIlliam Inboden and his friend were at the launch today and I have to say the range Open/Closed sign worked great. We even did the count downs using hand signs so he would know. It all worked out great and he had several very nice flights. He lost both of his Magician rockets (one painted in Viking colors and the other in Packer colors) to the corn. Both were found later in the day while Jon was recovering his L1 flight and I will get them back too him sometime.

Despite the high winds it was a great for flying and I have to say that everyone seemed to have a great time.

See you all at the next meeting, launch or picnic.

A couple more thanks.
Thanks Gary (Off We Go Rocketry) for calling and offering to drive up to the launch. I think I made the right call in telling you not to come. I don't think it would have been worth your trouble. By the time you would have gotten there we down to a handful of flyers and already starting some range tear down.  Thanks again,

And big thanks to all who stayed to help tear down and pack up the trailer.

Ken Hoyme writes:

I wasn't sure if I would make it up there or not, but got done what I had to had home, and pulled in just before noon. There was a medium sized group flying. While I have a forest of all-white primed rockets hanging from the shop ceiling, many interrupts this late winter and spring have kept me from final finishing - I thought launching a few would put me in
the mind frame for finishing some more.

I just tossed everything in my car, and dragging out a couple of boxes of finished rockets drew groups of the young ones fascinated with each one.  With the pretty consistent winds, I decided to put up a Mini Bertha on a B6-4. Since the kids pulled out the paper folded Qubet rocket (from a club assembly project a couple of years ago) I decided to put that up on an A10-PT. Both were low risk and flew fine.

Watching others fly the bigger stuff, I decided "what the heck" and loaded up my Madcow Striker with an F20-7W. Nice high flight, perfect deploy and it landed just shy of the canal at the end of the sod section we were flying off of -- nice long walk, but mown sod all the way -- easy as pie.  Spent some time then shooting photos and chatting with folks, at one point deciding to put up my Centurion on a B6-4 -- lazy, yes. A C6-5 would have been a much longer walk. :)

I have a few nice shots of several launches -- Sean Flynn I have a good record of your L1 launch prep and flight. And I have a great shot of Neil's PNOD under thrust on the launch rod. I need to get them uploaded.

I need to make time to get down to the shop and get those that are primed into final finish and into the launch box for next time. Let's hope for some better weather - even a bit windy is better than rain!

Thanks to Neil for his work in making this one happen.

Jon Isom writes:

Finally a launch where the weather looked good and I could attend - been looking to do a level 1 attempt for the past month or more. The drive to the field was looking a little iffy at times with low clouds but after the range setup was complete the clouds started to break up  and the sun was coming out.

My level 1 attempt was a LOC IV with a H125. All went well from launch to recovery with a soft landing in the corn field mud. Would have liked a little less wind but all worked out.

Was able to get three other launches in before needing to go - Generic ESX on a B6-6, scratch build called Multicolor on a B6-6 and Astron Sprint XL on a C11-3. One more trip to the corn field with the Generic - was 2 of 4 in the corn and was glad that it was only knee high. Looking forward to putting something a bit bigger in the Astron Sprint.

Thanks to Neal for making the day happen and overseeing my L1 flight.

The Details:

Full launch tally (PDF)

The totals were:  84 flights, 85 motors.  The cumulative total impulse was 2958 Ns.  The motor breakdown follows:


# Burned

MicroMaxx 2
















G 1


I 1



(Alan Estenson)

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