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Last updated: Jan 31, 2010
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February 2013 launch report

On Saturday, February 23rd, MASA held its first launch of 2013. 

This launch was the first at a new location, McMurray Field, located at Lexington and Como in St Paul, Google maps link

Themes:   "Don't fly white rockets in the snow!"

A few of the flights:

MASA members - please send in your thoughts about the launch! 

Glen Overby writes:

I was playing with my digital camera at the launch today and shot a few flights at 240 frames per second. I thought I was set to 120fps, so the pictures are even smaller than I expected.

Michael Farrell writes:

 It was good to do some launching again after a 3 month layoff, we had a nice day to do it, and it was good to see everyone. The snow was deep enough to make recoveries a bit of a workout, but we had a very light breeze and temps right around freezing, so it was not cold and (almost) everything was landing near the pads. I got 18 flights in, mostly on 18mm motors, mostly using streamers. I was 0/4 on getting 'chutes to open, but the landings were all soft.

We must have had 50 flights by noon. It slowed down a bit in the afternoon, but there was a lot of good jawboning and a very, uh, lively Mega Mosquito drag.

My log -

Estes Sky Duster, A10-3T
Estes Alpha III, B4-4, B6-6
Estes 220 Swift, A-3T (and I found it, nose down deeply buried in a perfect little rocket shaped hole)
Estes Viking, A6-2, A8-5
Estes Yankee, A6-2
Estes Rascal, B4-4
Estes Der Red Max, B4-4
Estes Metalizer, B6-2
Semroc Micron, A6-2
Quest Lil' Grunt, C11-3 x2
Sunward Flechette, B6-4
Quest Cobalt, A6-4 (unstable, or, in other words, it flew as designed)
Estes Fletcher, B6-6
Quest Planet Probe, B6-0 (drag with another Planet Probe), C6-0
Looking forward to getting out the D's and E's at the next launch,

Jeff Taylor writes:

Nice job in finding the new field, Michael!

I got there a little late and I think I only made two flights, both on a Big Bertha. First flight was on a B6-4. The chute failed to deploy resulting in a snow sample just a few feet from the pad. The second flight was on a C6-5. This time the chute opened resulting in a 100 meter walk through the deep snow, making me seriously consider heading over to REI to buy some snow shoes.

Neal Higgins writes:

Nice job on the field Michael. Thanks for checking with St Paul to get permission to launch.

At the end of the day we noticed two other people launching rockets. Jeff took them a membership application. Maybe a couple of new members?

I managed 10 flights on the day.
Mini-Max, A3-4T
BiFecta, A10-0T, A3-4T, formerly a Tri Fecta but the 1st stage still needs to be rebuilt from a prior mishap.
Newways Nike Squared, B6-6
Purple Haze, B6-6 (scratch built)
Texas Firefly, C6-0 to B6-6, sustainer stuck in a tree by the RR tracks.  I'll swing by sometime after work to retrieve when I have the proper tools.
Newways Goblin Squared, C11-7
Black Brant, C11-7
Skeeter (mega Mosquito), D12-5, drag raced with Jeff Flansburg. His catoed and mine had to long of a delay. The lawn dart landing ripped open 2" of the body tube.
Der Red Max, D12-5
Pemberton Kraken, C11-5

Great day, nice weather, great talking with everyone.

Jon Isom writes:

As others have said, nice field and great day for launching. Was able to have first launch for three builds completed this winter. Only one recovery issue due to a streamer getting wet from the snow during a previous flight - also happened to be the only flight not to have a cushioned snow landing.

Semroc My Boid A8-3 x2
Sunward Queez-Bee A8-3
Quest Planet Probe B6-0 - drag race with Michael Farrell
Estes Crossfire B6-2
Estes Chuter-Two A8-3
Quest Big Betty B6-4
Estes Baby Bertha A8-3

The Details:

Full launch tally (PDF)

The totals were:  39 flights (approximate - flight cards not used) The motor breakdown follows:


# Burned

MicroMaxx 0















(Alan Estenson)

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