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Last updated: Mar 27, 2010
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September 22 and 23, 2012

MASA sport launch and Harvest Regional contest report

On Saturday and Sunday, September 22 and 23, MASA held its first fall NAR Sanctioned Regional Contest.  Jon Stenberg served as the contest director.  Thank you, Jon!  This event was held on the sod fields near Nowthen.

The contest events were:

  • A Helicopter Duration, WF 20
  • 1/2A Boost Glide Duration, WF 17
  • A Streamer Duration, WF 8
  • C Rocket Glider Duration, WF 22
  • A Super-Roc Duration, WF 13

Thank you to all the competitors, timers, and everyone who helped out!

In conjunction with the contest, MASA also held its monthly sport launch - turning it into a two-day rocket launchin' extravaganza!  See the very bottom of this page for the sport range flight totals and logs.

Themes:   Missiles & Military Rockets
Special Events:
   Mega Mosquito Drag Race
MASA is a Partner in the Minnesota Aerospace & Aviation Week 2012.  We welcomed visitors to our September 22nd launch as part of the Flight Day Community Events. 

Saturday was WINDY and a bit cool.

Sunday was warmer, sunny, but still breezier than we would have liked.

Jeff Taylor put a few video clips from Sunday on YouTube.

Thanks to all the Sport Range LCO/RSO volunteers:  Chris Feld, Michael Farrell, Neal Higgins, Alan Estenson.

Allan Grover went for his L2 Cert with a LOC Expediter on a J350, but it was a "no joy" when the main chute didn't appear and a fin cracked on the fast landing under only the drogue.  Best of luck on your 2nd try!

Contest Results:

[for the full results, please see the bottom of this web page]

4th MASA Summer Regional A & B div Meet Champions

MASA Harvest Regional I Meet Champions

PlaceContestantNAR NumberSectionTotal Points
A Division
1Stenberg, Alyssa874765762244
2Stenberg, Zackary888885761836
C Division
1Stenberg, Jon338755761542
2King, Ray858005761302
3Estenson, Alan695395761164
4Whitaker, David80929576420
5Wirth, Ron9432157663
6Higgins, Neal7982057648
7Farrell, Michael9428057639
7Flansburg, JeffPEND-2IND39
8Heren, Andy71711IND24
8Schwartz, Larry72611IND24
8Taylor, Alyssa88348IND24
8Taylor, Jeff87148IND24
8Thell, Mark27793IND24
T Division
1Neutron Fusion859IND2400
2On The FlyPEND-15761440


MASA members - please send in your thoughts about the launch! 

Contest Director Jon Stenberg writes:

Hey folks! What great fun that was this weekend! Thanks to all the contestants that came in good spirits helped make "Harvest Regional I" such a hit. We had 19 contestants (4 of those in 2 teams).

MASA racked up over 10,000 points this weekend. Last year (ending in August at NARAM) MASA won a trophy for coming in 4th in total section points for the year. Impressive! If we hold 3 regionals a year, we would have a chance at a national championship for the section. Oh the glory and fame! :) But seriously, that would be cool.

By the way...Ray King was the "real" winner this weekend in my book. He trounced everyone....but he performed TOO WELL in C Rocket Glider. Both flight flew away! And since you must return one of the two flights, he basically handed me the event and the meet all gift wrapped with a bow. Thanks Ray! Alan performed really well too...especially in A Helicopter.

Good times...thanks again to everyone that helped make it such a great weekend.

Chuck Ross writes:

It seemed like a rather odd launch day to these relative newbies because of the wind conditions, but overall it was good for us. Flight direction appeared unpredictable once the rocket left the pad - some went straight up, some went immediately downwind, some rotated into the wind as expected, while others went horizontal as soon as they cleared the rod. The competition duration flights were amazing to watch - hopefully everyone was able to recover arm got tired blocking the Sun while watching them eventually touch-down!

Thanks to everyone who helped us out personally - especially Ken for the jump-start so I could get Ian to his Mom's (almost on time), and to whomever found our beloved florescent-orange Tumbleweed.

I hope the Level-2 cert attempt flight was sufficient to pass - it was certainly impressive to us, and appeared fly-able afterwards (minor damage on one fin). Although the main chute not deploying @ 600 feet was a disappointment, everything else about the flight was impressive - 2 feet off from the projected altitude? Amazing... and wow...460 MPH? **boggles**

Our flights for the day:
Estes HiJinks on a B6-4 - perfect trajectory including deployment
Estes Patriarch on a C6-5 - good flight, ejection slightly past apogee
Semroc Golden Scout on a A8-3 - unlike our first one that lawn-darted, perfect. *Now retired per our President's recommendation before the first wreck*
Fliskit Tumbleweed on a A10-3 - hung on pad
Estes Helicat on a C6-3 - great flight, both sections landed within 25 feet of each other
Custom Rockets Evil One on a B6-4 - predictably good flight **yawn**
Edmond's Deltie glider on a A10-3T - a bit too windy for a "good" flight but fully recovered (kevlar cord sheared-off at mount point)
Fliskit Tumbleweed on a A10-3 - immediate horizontal flight to the east and thought lost - thanks again to whomever found it!

Allan Grover writes:

I had great time with the level 2 atempt and will return next month. I got home about 8:30 pm and started to repair the minor fin damage. Its took about 25 minutes repair. Just have to wait for the epoxy putty to dry and sand it down and paint it. The rocket will be ready to fly again in 2 days. I will fly it on a j350w or something that will make it go higher at the next launch. I hope duel deployment will work this time. Just to make sure I will test it again and again. Hope to see you all at the next launch.
ps altimeter 2 reported on cert flight
3952 ft
460 mph

Brian Uhlenkamp writes:

First time I had the whole family at the launch. We had a great time, but I had an interesting day on the field.  My first issue was helping Lukas with his Hornet.  I placed the closepin, but wasn't watching as the back side of the engine hook caught and it stuck on the rod about 12" up. Next try I let Lukas do everything, and it was a perfect flight, except the nose cone came back and tore off a fine.  I had ignitor issues, took three ignitors to get my Interceptor E in the air, but then the chute didn't come all the way out, and I got some major work to do on two fins now.  Not sure what happened as the chute appeared almost out and slide easily.  It was possible I had too long of delay as it was on rapid decent and just keep it in the tube, not sure.  I then had ignitor issues on the Mega Mosquito drag race-the ignotor burnt, but didn't light the motor.  I lost the race off the pad, lost the altitude, but think I won "closest to the
pad".  Near the end of the day, I got the courage to fly HPR, but had issues with my 38mm cardboard liner getting stuck in the casing during assembly, I had another and even with it heavily greased, got that one stuck too.  In talking with Jeff Taylor, I didn't feel as bad since he had the issue once too.  I decided it was fate not to fly HPR.  The wind was changing by the minute, but in the end, I didn't have too many long walks, and no lost rockets in the corn.

Metalizer B6-4
Pheord X150 B6-0
Micron A8-3
Princess Pink Crayon D12-3

Sputnik A10-3T
Hornet B6-4 (stuck on rod)
Hornet B6-4 (broke fin at ejection)
Brighthawk C6-3
Cosmic Cobra II C6-3 (helicopter nose and rocket landed 20 ft apart)
Lukalizer D12-5

Thirty One E12-6

Mega Vortico E12-6
Mega Vortico E12-0
Aerodart SLS E18-6W
Interceptor E E18-6W
Mega Mosquito D15-5T (no go)

Alan Estenson writes:

Due to other things that I needed to get done, I didn't get out to the field until around noon on Saturday.
With the strong wind, I wasn't eager to do a lot of flying. However, I wanted to try at least a few contest flights.
For my first A streamer duration flight, I brought out my vintage Kosrox Streadur.
I should have used an A8-3 instead of an A8-5, because it had a late ejection and a duration time of only 12 seconds.
For the second flight, I used a bt-5 contest style rocket (built to the "Astre" plan on the NAR web site) with big tracing paper streamer on an A3-4t. Unfortunately, at ejection, the streamer ripped completely off of the kevlar line and that flight was DQ'ed. Thanks to whomever later found that rocket and returned it.

I then put in a few sport flights and stuck around to help pack up the range.

On Sunday, I was out bright and early to help set everything up. I then started in on the rest of my contest flights.

For A super-roc duration, I had two models that I had built a couple years ago for 1/2A super-roc, so they were only about 94 cm long. They were just a 34" piece of bt-5 with 3 fins and a nose cone. The first flight, on an A3-4t, used a 12" mylar parachute for a time of 47 seconds. This rocket landed just on the other side of a drainage ditch. While I was walking around to it, the wind blew the rocket all the way across that sod field and into the water in the next ditch! :-(
For my second flight , I used the back-up rocket with an A3-4t with a 12" Quest chute. That chute didn't fully open, so I only got a time of 35 seconds.

The FAI-style super-rocs, with their huge mylar chutes, had some very long duration times!

For 1/2A boost glide, I just flew a standard Deltie on 1/2A3-2t motors for times of 29 and 40 seconds.

I didn't manage to get anything built to fly in C rocket glider. It was fun to watch the R/C rocket gliders fly.

For A helicopter duration, I flew an Apogee Heli-Roc on A10-3t's. I can't really explain why, but it had two colossal flights of 94 and 98 seconds! (This same rocket back in the June contest only managed 29 and 40 second flights.) It's interesting that this rocket insists on recovering "upside down". Thanks to Jon for bringing it back after its first flight.

I then rounded out Sunday with a bunch of sport flights, some LCO duty, and helping pack up the range.

Over the two days, for the Missiles theme, I flew a Patriot, mini-Patriot, Sidewinder, Python, V2, Blossom (V2), and PAC-3.

Thanks to: Jon for being Contest Director, Mike for the contest range equipment, and Neal for the sport range equipment.

MASA Harvest Regional I Contest Results

MASA Harvest Regional I Points

ContestantNAR NumberSectionA SDA HDA SRD1/2A BGC RGTotal
A Division
Stenberg, Alyssa874765762406002345106602244
Stenberg, Zackary888885761446003903063961836
C Division
Estenson, Alan695395762460023430601164
Farrell, Michael9428057600390039
Flansburg, JeffPEND-2IND00390039
Heren, Andy71711IND24000024
Higgins, Neal7982057648000048
King, Ray8580057696240390510661302
Schwartz, Larry72611IND24000024
Stenberg, Jon33875576240360782046601542
Taylor, Alyssa88348IND24000024
Taylor, Jeff87148IND24000024
Thell, Mark27793IND24000024
Whitaker, David8092957614412015600420
Wirth, Ron94321576240390063
T Division
Neutron Fusion859IND2406003905106602400
On The FlyPEND-15761443602343063961440




MASA Harvest Regional I Results

ContestantNAR NumberSectionA SDA HDA SRD1/2A BGC RG
A Division
Stenberg, Alyssa87476576100 / 1732330062103
Stenberg, Zackary888885764825 / 733300 / 21604747
C Division
Estenson, Alan6953957612 / SEP94 / 984446 / 331129 / 40
Farrell, Michael94280576SEP
1500 / SEP

Flansburg, JeffPEND-2IND


Heren, Andy71711IND10 / 11

Higgins, Neal7982057618 / 18

King, Ray85800576SEP / 91SEP / 3039000 / 375041 / 90182 NR / 97 NR
Schwartz, Larry72611IND7 / UNS

Stenberg, Jon3387557650 / 8036 / 872059 / SEPRB / 42100 / 102
Taylor, Alyssa88348IND11 / 12

Taylor, Jeff87148IND12 / 12

Thell, Mark27793IND6

Whitaker, David8092957646 / 64DQ / 264558 / 1725

Wirth, Ron9432157614 / UNS
EJ / 1754

T Division
Neutron Fusion859INDSEP / 72PRG / 482955036149 / 73
On The FlyPEND-15761022452920DQ / 66


MASA Harvest Regional I Standings

A Streamer Duration

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2Total Points
A Division
1Stenberg, Alyssa8747657610017117240
2Stenberg, Zackary8888857648
C Division
1Stenberg, Jon338755765080130240
2Whitaker, David809295764664110144
3King, Ray85800576SEP919196
4Higgins, Neal7982057618183648
5Taylor, Jeff87148IND12122424
6Taylor, Alyssa88348IND11122324
7Heren, Andy71711IND10112124
8Wirth, Ron9432157614UNS1424
9Estenson, Alan6953957612SEP1224
10Schwartz, Larry72611IND7UNS724
11Thell, Mark27793IND6
--Farrell, Michael94280576SEP
T Division
1Neutron Fusion859INDSEP7272240
2On The FlyPEND-157610

A Helicopter Duration

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2Total Points
A Division
1Stenberg, Alyssa8747657632
1Stenberg, Zackary8888857625732600
C Division
1Estenson, Alan695395769498192600
2Stenberg, Jon338755763687123360
3King, Ray85800576SEP3030240
4Whitaker, David80929576DQ2626120
T Division
1Neutron Fusion859INDPRG4848600
2On The FlyPEND-157622

A Super-Roc Duration

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2Total Points
A Division
1Stenberg, Zackary8888857633300 (222 s)2160 (24 s)35460390
2Stenberg, Alyssa874765763300 (22 s)
C Division
1King, Ray8580057639000 (260 s)3750 (25 s)42750390
2Estenson, Alan695395764446 (47 s)3311 (35 s)7757234
3Whitaker, David809295764558 (37 s)1725 (14 s)6283156
4Stenberg, Jon338755762059 (23 s)SEP205978
5Wirth, Ron94321576EJ1754 (13 s)175439
6Farrell, Michael942805761500 (10 s)SEP150039
7Flansburg, JeffPEND-2IND838 (11 s)
T Division
1Neutron Fusion859IND29550 (197 s)
2On The FlyPEND-15764529 (52 s)

1/2A Boost Glider Duration

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2Total Points
A Division
1Stenberg, Alyssa8747657662
2Stenberg, Zackary8888857647
C Division
1King, Ray858005764190131510
2Estenson, Alan69539576294069306
3Stenberg, Jon33875576RB4242204
T Division
1Neutron Fusion859IND36
2On The FlyPEND-157620

C Rocket Glider Duration

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2Total Points
A Division
1Stenberg, Alyssa87476576103
2Stenberg, Zackary8888857647
C Division
1Stenberg, Jon33875576100102202660
--King, Ray85800576182 NR97 NR066
T Division
1Neutron Fusion859IND14973222660
2On The FlyPEND-1576DQ6666396

The Details:

Saturday's full launch tally (PDF) of sport range flights.

Sunday's full launch tally (PDF) of sport range flights.

The sport range total for Saturday was:  82 flights, 83 motors.  The cumulative total impulse was 1453 Ns.

The sport range total for Saturday was:  100 flights, 102 motors.  The cumulative total impulse was 2550 Ns.


# Burned - Saturday

# Burned - Sunday

MicroMaxx 0 1


0 0


1 0


20 16


25 23


19 32


13 10


0 12


1 3
G 0 2


4 2
I 0 0


0 1


(Alan Estenson)

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