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Last updated: Mar 27, 2010
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June 2012 launch report

On Sunday, June 24, MASA held its regular monthly launch at the sod fields near Nowthen. The launch had been moved back one day from Saturday in the hopes of better weather.

Congratulations to Michael Farrell on his successful Level 1 high power certification.  Michael flew a LOC Hi-Tech on an H123.

Congratulations to Ryan Foss on his successful Level 1 high power certification.  Ryan flew a rocket named "Pete" on an H125.

Congratulations to Adrian Larson on his successful Level 1 high power certification.  Adrian flew a V2 on an H128.

Theme:  Patriotic Rockets - Fly the Red, White & Blue!

The theme of this launch was "patriotic rockets".

FUN Contest:   Spot Landing

Results of the Spot Landing Contest


  1. Jamison Adams - distance not measured since you were the only one within the 100' tape measure length.
  2. Tie:  Andy and Aidan Heaton


  1. Ron Wirth

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!  Winners may collect their prizes from Neal at the picnic or July launch.

Special Events:   Patriot Drag Race

Thanks to everyone who helped set up and tear down the launch range.

Thanks to the RSO/LCO volunteers:  Chris Feld, Jeff Taylor, Dwayne Shmel, Michael Farrell, Glen Overby

MASA members - please send in your thoughts about the launch! 

Neal Higgins writes:

Even though the winds were a little strong at times, it still turned out to be a great day for flying rockets and R/C gliders. There was an R/C glider club holding a contest next to us who were entertained by our antics as well as us being entertained by their's. I spoke with them afterwards and found out they were using our exhaust trails to check the winds and our rocket descents to look for thermals to ride their gliders in. They were very glad to have us flying next to them.
Thanks everyone who helped out with range setup and tear down.
Thanks everyone who took a shift at RSO/LCO duty: Chris, Jeff, Dwayne, Michael and Glen even though everybody was done flying by the time your shift came up.
Thanks you very much Carol for helping the cub scouts with the Flt It Take It rockets.
Congratulations to the three flyers who certified Level 1: Ryan Foss, Adrian Larson and Michael Farrell (2nd times the charm).
Thanks Gary (Off We Go Rocketry) for helping Ryan with his Cesaroni motor and for having the needed stability nose weight for his rocket. Also thanks for being on hand with all of your supplies for us to ogle over and spend lots of money on. (you just had tyo have your 54mm reloads on hand didn't you? LOL)
The results of the Spot Landing contest are: You can claim your prize the next time you see me.
Youth Division: 3 competitors
1st place - Jamison Adams - distance not measured since you were the only one within the 100' tape measure length.
2nd place tie - Andy and Aidan Heaton
Adult Division: 1 entrant only
1st place - Ron Wirth (I didn't measure the distance since you were the only adult)
Through all of this I did manage 3 flights. I flew my pyramid Imhotep on a G38JF-4 and then Barney (a purple Pteradactyl Jr) on an I245G. It headed down wind and ended up in the corn. I found it but using a green chute didn't make it very easy. And lastly I flew my Initiator on an F52T-8. The chute tried to come out but alas it just wouldn't. Even though it landed on the grass it still manage to snap one of the plastic fins.
And lastly from the Cub Scout leader whose pack was on hand to watch, fly and have some fun:
"Thanks so much for your group taking the time to work with our Cub Scouts and for letting them take the rockets home.  To watch was fun, but to be able to participate was really cool for those guys!  My son and I have built a couple of rockets before, but we didn't bring them with out of concern that the other scouts who haven't built rockets before may feel bad.  I overheard one scout tell his dad he wants to build one now.  We'll be back sometime, with rockets in hand for some. - Dave"

Aaron Sheriff writes:

Hi, I'm not sure how the comments are collected for the launch reports, but I'd like the shame to be noted for posterity...

My Executioner launch on a E20-4W blew out the MMT and the rocket was lost in the corn :(


The Details:

Full launch tally (PDF)

The totals were:  132 flights, 141 motors.  The cumulative total impulse was 4738 Ns.  The motor breakdown follows:


# Burned

MicroMaxx 1
















G 7


I 3



(Alan Estenson)

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