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Last updated: Mar 27, 2010
Site hosted courtesy of the
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

October 2, 2010 launch report (10/3/2010)

On Saturday, October 2nd, MASA held a club launch at the sod fields near Nowthen.  This was technically the "September" launch - postponed a week due to soggy sod on the original date.  There was a large turnout for this launch, and a lot of flights throughout the day.  A big welcome to all of the visitors and new members who were at the launch!

The day started out chilly, and only warmed into the 50's in the afternoon.  Winds were generally light, with some stronger intervals, out of the N-NE.  There was plentiful welcome sunshine all day.  With the bright sun, green grass, blue sky, and colorful leaves on the trees, it was a picturesque day!

A big MASA welcome to all of the visitors and new members who were at the launch!

Thanks to the LCO/RSO volunteers:  Todd Carpenter, Buzz McDermott, Alan Estenson, David Whitaker, and Neal Higgins !

Thanks to everyone who helped clean up the range and pack up the equipment at the end of the day!

Themes:  Walk on the Wild Side
Special Events:  Deuces Wild Drag Race, Deuces Wild Beauty Contest, cluster flights

Only two Deuces Wild rockets drag raced this year:  Jeff Taylor and Lyle Merdan.  Both flew on B6-4's.

12 cluster-engine flights were made during the day.

MASA members - please send in your thoughts about the launch! 

Ken Jarosch writes:

We arrived late due to the many traffic delays. We hit three on the way home. But the flying was good.

1) First up was the 6" Delta Saucer "Flame" on a F12-0J for a really long burn motor that still handled the wind. Not like the D5's attempted before. Good altitude on a near vertical flight and the black smoke.

2) Moving up to a G71-0R in the Stealth rocket (fancy edged Qubit), I got quite a ride. Vertical ascent with the bright red flame. Good recovery spin on the way down. These G71R's really burn the liners out just like the Mojave Green G76's.

3) The first large 'H' in the 11" "CINCO", a five sided Saucer, was the H123W-0. The Cinco really moved out under the large White flame. I used the 38/360/RAS outfit and it did the job on recovery with the drift towards the water. Cinco is a G/H/I rocket.

4) Pushing the envelope on the 29mm 10.25" Original Saucer, the "Stars & Stripes", I installed a H165R-0 in the 29/240/RAS hardware. Big red flame to a very good altitude with AeroBrake recovery.

This Redline completely burned out the orfice of the nozzle. Not only that but the shoulder also. It had the O-ring slightly damaged and hot grease and soot blew back along the casing. No damage to the rocket, but insides of the motor mount are soot and grease coated. Quite a mess on the outside of the casing. On inspection, we find that the liner was almost completely burnt as was the nozzle insides. Really hot motors in the 29mm sizes.

Paul's flights:

Paul flew his small crayon rocket on a D15-4T for a very nice flight. He also flew several Estes rockets.

Continuing his FITI, he gave away two Estes rockets and several motors and igniters. Paul spent a large part of his time showing the kids how to prep the rockets and launch them. He left them with extra motors and igniters. Just getting rid of the smaller BP rockets in favor of AP.

Jeff Taylor writes:

We got there later in the day - like about noon, and there was a fairly large turnout. The wind was a bit higher than the forecast. The corn surrounding the fields is still not yet harvested, but it is dried out, so it shouldn't be long before it is gone.

I only made three flights today....

  • LOC Tweed-B on a G71R: My first reload using the 29mm Hobby Casing. This rocket landed way south by the RC field in very soft mud and still managed to break two plywood TTW fins (ironically it flew a few times at NARAM and landed on the hard desert "concrete" without a scratch).
  • Big Daddy on an E11J: This weather-cocked into the wind to the north and ejected a split second before impact without damage.
  • Deuces Wild on 2 B6-4's: Drag raced with Lyle. I used Estes igniters and he used Quest. He won off the pad.

Neal Higgins writes:

I want to thank everyone for all the great flights at the re-scheduled Sept. launch. My mom, brother, sister, brother-in-law and a close friend all showed up to watch. They were all impressed with all the variety of rockets & motors that were flown from the small model rockets to the large HPR flights. My sister's son and grandson fly model rockets in the Chicago area so she hadn't seen any HPR flights until this launch. Her grandson got hooked about 8 years ago when I let hm hit the launch button when I flew some rockets at my mom and dad's farm. I got in 7 flights for the day. The first was my Golden Scout on a 1/2A6-2. Thanks Alan for the motor. Next up was the Der Red MAx on a C6-5. I found 2
motors in my arsenal but 1 was an empty tube. Mabel must have a hiccup the day it was made. I flew Crayola on a G75. This is my 4" tube fin crayon rocket and it's maiden voyage. Next was my 12" pyramid Imhotep on a G38. Next came my MR-1 clone Milhouse on an F50 followed by my Initiator also on an F50. I ended the day with Predator on a G67.

Alan Estenson writes:

I finally chalked-up a first flight on my PML Explorer.  I started building this rocket last year, finished building it this spring, primed it in May, and finally painted it in September.  It flew nicely on a G61-7.  I also flew my 1.6" diameter upscale "Groove Tube 180" on an E15-7.

For a high power flight, I loaded an I245 "Mojave Green" motor into my LOC Cyclotron.  It had a great flight!  It did land in the cornfield, but the buzzer taped to the shock cord led me right to it.

For the cluster theme of the day, I first flew an old scratchbuild, the "Wanderer" on a D12-7 and two C6-0's.  After that, I flew a Semroc Goliath on three B6-6's, and my Tube-Ces Wild on two C6-5's.  I don't know what happened to the Tube-Ces Wild.  I was talking to Ted and missed the launch announcement.  I looked over just in time to see it making big loops in the sky - unstable!  I've flown it many times on C motors before; don't know why it was unstable this time!

The Details:

Full launch tally (PDF)

The totals were:  130 flights, 149 motors.  The cumulative total impulse was 5105 Ns.  The motor breakdown follows:


# Burned

MicroMaxx 0
















G 12


I 4



(Alan Estenson)

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