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Last updated: Mar 27, 2010
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May 23 2010 Special launch report (5/25/2010)

Rocket Launch & Fundraiser
  Sunday, May 23
  3 pm to 8 pm
  Chateau St Croix Winery, 1998 State Hwy 87, St Croix Falls, WI 54024
For a downloadable PDF flier about this event, please click here.
Join us for a rocket launch and fundraiser at Chateau St Croix Winery. We are raising money to help send Todd and Caleb to Serbia for the World Spacemodeling Championships - The Olympics of Rocketry! The rocket launch begins at 3pm and is open to all - feel free to bring your own rockets and join in. The launch will be hosted by the Minnesota Amateur Spacemodeler Assn. (MASA). Doors open to the fundraiser at 4pm, and will include dinner and auction. Cost for the fundraiser is $8 for adults, $6 for students.

"Nearly 20 MASA members attended the Todd Schweim / Caleb Boe WSMC Launch and Fundraiser yesterday at Chateau St. Croix. The organizing committee did a fantastic job pulling this event together!!

A huge thanks to all the MASA members who helped at the launch: Todd, Caleb, Linda, Jeff, Alan, Lyle, Dwayne and Susan, Ken and Alissa, Dave and Nancy, Buzz, Mark, Craig B., Kevin A., Hunter, and Levi. (I'm sorry if I missed anyone)

The launch started shortly after 3:00 p.m. and finished around 5:30 p.m.  The launch was very informal, so we didn't keep launch cards or a list of the flights. My best guess is that we probably had around 100 launches, ranging from birdies and a Mini Marz Lander on 13mm motors up to a pyramid on a G motor. At one point, we estimated about 75 spectators, including some very energetic kids who were willing to run around and pick up our rockets. Considering how hot it was, we were all grateful.

Caleb also launched one of his competition rockets. I can't remember the details, but maybe Todd or Caleb can post more information. As we all watched the rocket float away, I heard one little boy tell Caleb "Wow, you guys are definitely going to win!"

After the launch, we headed to the Chateau for dinner and the auction.  The Chateau is beautiful, and dinner was great. There were a number of raffle items, plus a lot of silent and live auction items to bid on.  One auction item was a build session and launch with Caleb and Todd, at the school of the winning bidder's choice. I saw a couple of kids elbowing their parents when that item came up (one lucky boy will be building rockets with 23 of his classmates). I thought it was a great way to pay it forward to the next generation of rocketeers.

Good luck at the WSMC, Todd and Caleb!" - Carol Marple

MASA members - please send in your thoughts about the launch! 

Todd Schweim writes:

 Thanks very much to everyone who made the drive to the St. Croix Falls, WI area yesterday. The MASA group pulled off a really nice launch with maybe 75 launches. There was something in the air for everyone, Estes starter rockets to Lyle's pyramids.

Even though it was sticky hot, the club really came through.  I hope everyone had a good time, again thank you.


Tristan Chamberlin's father bought the bulk packs containing 24 rockets. They will be built at the St. Croix Falls middle school. This couldn't go to a better class. I was at the school two weeks ago to watch their straw rockets fly in the gym. (Think micro max and stomp rocket combination.) It somehow lacked and smoke!!! This will be better.

Maaren Schweim bought the X Wing fighter, what a perfect gift. (grin)

There are four starter kits that somehow did not get into the auction but were supposed to. I'm going to contact the second bidder for the bulk packs and see if he would like them for his son or daughters grade school class. He also has children in the St. Croix Falls school system.

I'm not sure who the high bidder on the high power kit was.

There were dozens of items in the auction that are too numerous to mention as well as lots of instant win items. I saw a great little digital money bank that went to a MASA member. Its use will be to save NARAM travel dollars.

Caleb Boe writes:

 I would like to dido Todd's thanks.  I appreciate all your support.  MASA did an excellent job putting on a show.  The crowd seemed to really enjoy it!  My great aunt and her daughter were there and they had a great time!  It was their first rocket experience, and they were very impressed!

Buzz McDermott writes:

Kathy and I couldn't get to the launch until right at 4 pm. I did manage to get in a couple of flights:

Flis Kits Drake (actually the NSL 2003 version of the kit) on a D12-5
TARC rocket (left over spare rocket from my daughter's 2003 TARC team) on an E9-4
Mini Red Max on an A10-3T, drag racing an E11 powered upscale Red Max.

I wish I had brought along a couple of rockets to fly on composite motors.

I saw several MASA members talking with spectators about the basic MR hobby, MASA, black powder vs composite motors and where to find starter sets (Hub Hobby was getting great praise). The kids in the spectator group seemed to especially enjoy the flights.

I ended up buying a half case of St Croix wines and Kathy won the silent auction item she really wanted to get.  To top it all off, the food was great!

Aside from a bit too much humidity in the air it was a fantastic afternoon. Even my non-rocket-flying spouse REALLY enjoyed herself.

I hope Caleb and Todd raised a goodly amount of money for their WSMC trip this summer.

Jeff Taylor writes:

I would like to thank Todd, Caleb, Linda, Maaren and the entire staff at the Chateau (I'm not French - did I spell that right?). It was a great evening. I walked away with two raffle prizes - a digital piggy bank and gift certificate to the Top Spot Tavern and Grill in Balsam Lake!

I got in quite a few flights, and with the excited kids running to get the rockets there was no walking - which was nice.

Good food, good people, good times! Best of lunch in Serbia! We are proud of you guys!

Ken Hoyme writes:

I got to take home the PML Amraam 2 after a bloody battle with Dwayne. I suspect a drag race with his new Mean Machine may be in order.

We also came away with a basket with a bottle of cab and a pair of play tickets. And Julie was top on a set of earings/necklace. It was a fun time!

Alissa and I enjoyed the launch. I got a great shot of her drag race with Buzz that I tried to load on Yahoo, but it hasn't shown up yet. I thought I had lost my Estes Mini-Bertha (from the 70's) but someone found it and turned it in at the winery desk.

Great event! It was fun getting to know more club members as well.

(Alan Estenson)

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