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Last updated: Sept. 27, 2004
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

September 2004 launch report (9/25/2004)

Beautiful, wonderful, perfect rocket-flying weather!

On Saturday, September 25th, many MASA members and fellow rocketeers gathered at Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake for the scheduled September launch.

Big thanks to:

  • Mike Erpelding for hauling all the gear to and from the launch
  • All LCO / RSO volunteers (Mike Erpelding, Alan Estenson, Glen Overby, David Whitaker, Stuart Lenz...)

A few of the flights:

It was a great day for flying rockets!  Warm, blue skies, scarcely a breeze...

A number of younger rocketeers invigorated the launch.  Jeffrey Brink had a great time flying his Quest Falcon.  Ben Voissem (and his range crew, David) chalked up 10 flights of various Estes rockets and both appeared to be having lots of fun.  The Boe Boys (Caleb, Daniel, and Joshua) had an amazing 30 flights!  Caleb was also working on some of his NARTREK Bronze flights.  Way to go!

Russ Durkee made two nice flights of his Cuda radio controlled, rocket-boosted sailplane.  He also made two flights of an Edmonds ECEE Thunder rocket glider modified for R/C.  It still has some controllability issues, though.

David Gensler was really supporting the "little guys".  He flew rockets by DynaStar, FlisKits, ASP, The Launch Pad...  He had several nice cluster-motor flights, and he flew the largest motor of the day, an F50, in his LOC Legacy.

Ken and Paul Jarosch had a blitz of 25 flights between them.  Ken had lovely flights of an Estes Maxi Honest John and a Super Vega both on D power.  Not to be outdone, Ellison & Stuart Lenz had an amazing 39 flight total for the day!  Ellison insisted on flying his "Red Doom" twice on F20's.  He got it back, but the second flight recovered off the field.

[and there was lots, lots more ... take a look through the launch log for the details - Alan]

MASA members - please send in your thoughts about the launch! 

Stuart Lenz writes:

The launch day dawned crisp, clear and with no wind. Mark T. had already been at the site for an hour by the time Ellison and I arrived at 830. We set up 2 of our midpower pads and our Micro Classics MicroMaxx pad. Mike E. arrived shortly after us and we helped set up the RSO/LCO table and equipment.

I started with some new MicroMaxx rockets, a MicroDelte and a Micro Interceptor, then switched to full size clones, Space Cruiser Excaliber, Dragon Ship 7, Andromeda and a recently painted Shrox Alien 8. By 1100 we were out of B and C engines having also flown several cluster rockets. I then experimented with A8-3 clusters and some Art Applewhite Qubix rockets. I also flew a 6' BT 5 SuperRoc on an A8-3. I assumed RSO/LCO duty from Dave W. at around 100 and we closed the launch at 200 when everyone also seemed to have run out of rockets and/or engines.

Russ D. had brought out several radio controled gliders, including a new conversion of a Edmonds kit that flew O.K. on a D but lacked right and left control. After some modification and minor repairs and the attentions of several club members, including Ellison , he then flew on a F composite engine for a nice flight.

There was also a larger than normal turn out of families and new flyers and much fun was had by all. Must have been a three inch stack of used flight cards.

Ken Jarosch writes:

What an unbelievably nice day. We have had several this year. If you missed this one you missed one of the best. I haven't see this many cars here since fall of 1999.

We flew mostly old routine rockets. Nothing fancy. We started with 4 old multiple streamer rockets. I flew the Sparrow on a A3-4T, the Pip Squeak II on a B6-4, an Antari with a C6-7 and an old favorite the Orange Bullet on a 1/2A3-4T.

I brought along two calm wind rockets. I used a D12-3 in my 1993 Maxi Honest John and the 1993 Super Starship Vega. Both these rockets were last flown here in 1999. I also burned up my last yy zz ?? old D12-3's.  These are the ones that Cato in cold weather. They burned the Broadsword 2 years ago October and completely burned the Super Big Bertha last October. I use one today in the Broadsword and one in the Interceptor with no problems.

Mike E. , Paul and I had our Tornado drag race on A8-3's. I think I was the first down because the body section came down rather fast. A heavy nose cone.

I flew the Firehawk on a C11-3. I finished the day with two Junkyard rockets, the Katy-sha Slim and the High Flying Jester on C11-3.


The Details:

Full launch tally (in Adobe Acrobat PDF form, requires version 4 or newer of the Acrobat reader)

The totals were:  175 flights, 195 motors.  The cumulative total impulse was 1461 Ns with an average total impulse of 7.5 Ns.  The motor breakdown follows:


# Burned

MicroMaxx 8





















(Alan Estenson)

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