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Last updated: July 30, 2004
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

July 17, 2004 launch report (7/30/2004)

An "extra" launch...

On Saturday, July 17th, some MASA members came out to the Elk River VFW for an "extra" summer launch. 

Ken Jarosch writes:

Today was a great day for rocket flying at Otsego. Not much wind but in a bad direction to the West at first. Paul and I arrived around 850. We wanted to get an early start on flying some of the untested models we have built since last fall. It's well over 25 different types. We brought several pads and controllers in case they were needed. I also brought a large amount of wadding. I just got two stop watches for Open Contest which I needed today.

The trip was worth while on the first flight alone. The second rocket in our tube structure series is the Small Profile Pyramid. In order to fly this pyramid without a pod required 3 oz. of nose weight. This Pyramid was launched on a D12-3. It took off the pad in a flash climbing straight up with just a little vertical turn after burn out. The weight was not a problem for shock cord or chute. The profile is thin 1/16" balsa and only one tip was broken on landing.  Now on to the F level pyramid.

My next flight was a retest of the Borg (tube) Cube. Paul put a styrofoam ball over the pod weight for effect. I thought it would be a wind drag. I tried it on a B6-2. It arced over and came half way down before the chute came out. The sphere is too much drag.

I flew 4 ultra light weight thin finned 1/4A Open Contest rockets using fiber glass and 1/64" plywood fins. Two used 3" streamers and two used (12" and 15") mylar chutes. Since no times are present these will be entered into the records. All the rockets flew higher than expected but the deployment was late or not complete. Still the times were fairly good for now. 1/4 A streamers were 23 secs. and 1/4 A chutes were 29 secs. with only late deployment.

I finished up with 1995 EC 18 (Edmunds Conard) on a B6-2 for a long glide. This was it's first flight after being built 9 years ago.  Paul wanted to try new and old rockets.  He flew his Wacky Wigger on a B6-4 for another great flight. The steel fishing leader is doing the trick now.  Next he flew the Cruise Missile on a A3-4t for a good flight but the cramped chute was pretty badly torn up.

Paul found a broken Boink rocket and rebuilt it into a Boink-less rocket. He flew this 3 times for really great flights. He used a B6-4 and 2 C6-5 motors. Good chutes and landings. I call it the Fickle Finger Of Fate Award Rocket. (Rowen and Martin).

Paul flew my Alien Space Probe twice on a C6-3 and my Strike Fighter on a C6-3. He finished the day with his Tornado on a A8-3.

While all this was going on 6 people came and flew with us and left at different times. An open house so to speak.

Paul helped a new member to be and his young son get their rockets going. He is good at that. He also coached them on using our wadding material.

Also Lee Grimm tried for a Open Contest record for 1/2A BG Duration.  Lee's first attempt broke the old record of 27 secs. by Alan Estenson.  We lost sight of Lee's Deltie after 1m 15 secs. But this was easily over 2 minutes. Yes he did get it back so we have another new record. Great flight Lee. Lee made two more attempts but one hung up in the pod and the other was another great flight but only 1 min. 02 secs. Good but not like the one that sailed away. Paul and went after it but we still lost sight of it because of the haze and glare.

Everyone was commenting on how high the rockets were flying. It looked like one size larger motor. Dave Whitaker had some great flights on his Big Daddy and one from the Launch Pad and many others.

The only thing that would have been better would have been a North-South wind. But flying new experimental rockets , 3 Open Contest Records and a new member (Lynn Christin) is not a bad days work.

(Alan Estenson)

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