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Last updated: July 5, 2004
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

June 2004 launch report (6/26/2004)

A bit breezy, but what the heck...

On Saturday, June 26th, many MASA members journeyed to the Elk River VFW for the monthly launch.  This launch marked MASA's first official NAR section contest with Mike Erpelding serving as Contest Director.  Temperatures were comfortable with partly-cloudy skies and a slightly annoying breeze out of the NW.

NAR-sanctioned Section Contest; Events were:  A boost glide (A BG), A streamer duration (A SD), B parachute duration (B PD)

A HUGE thanks to Mike not only for hauling a whole pickup-load of equipment, but also for serving as CD, bringing cake & soda, and having "door prize" drawings for a couple rocket kits!

Photos on this web page are courtesy of Russ Durkee.  Thanks Russ!

A few of the flights:

MASA members - please send in your thoughts about the launch! 

Ted Cochran writes:

What a cool day to be out launching! It's been a long time since I've had time to spend 5 hours at a launch....

Thanks to Mike for arranging the NAR Competition. I'd forgotten how much fun (and excitement, and frustration... -) can be had. Also thanks for bringing the cake!

There was pretty much a steady stream of launches, not all of them contest launches.

Stuart Lenz' 5 minute plus parachute flight was easily the highlight of the day, I think. A pity we aren't allowed to use binoculars when timing, or we'd have seen it go another 5 minutes... I was amazed at how much better all the PD rockets were when the sun (and thermals) were was like night and day.

On the sport range, there was a nice Geminee flight, an interesting two stage embedded rocket (alas, the top stage...didn't), at least one gutsy flight on an F motor, and Ellison's Deltie Thunder flight on a C which had just enough room to pull up. Paul, did your six-pack-with-a-stick thingee fly OK? I'm sorry I missed it--it looked, well, different -).

I managed to get 6 competition flights in (five of which were qualified, and most of those were pretty decent). The (redesigned and rebuilt) streaming broadband bodyless streamer rocket worked, but I only had a 2" x 20' streamer on it. Now to find some 8" mylar in 20 foot lengths -) I also got to fly one sport launch--the Kosrox Mars Lander, which blew out a parachute and landed hard but with easily repairable damage to a leg.

Seth had a little less luck. His Deltie pod was somewhat misaligned, which resulted in the rocket exhaust completely burning through the center strut of the glider, which nevertheless flew, sort of. He got two streamer duration flights in--the first separated, and the second sort of exploded when the streamer (or wadding) jammed at the top of the BT and the lariat-looped and taped motor didn't come out the back, either. The fins all popped off, and the body tube was split up both seams from one end to the other. At least some of the streamer got out, but it was a fairly short flight.

Prang award nomination to the motor that flew through the rocket; at least I think that's what all that noise and spinning flame and smoke was all about....

The folks that weren't there missed a terrific day!

Mike Erpelding writes:

It was a great day for flying rockets! Grand total we had 61 sport flights and 56 contest flights. There were a total of 20 B motors burned in the B Parachute Duration event and 44 various A motors and two 1/2 A motors were used in A Streamer Duration and A Boost Glider Duration.

I set up the launch range in the standard contest circle.  We operated the range like it was a rack system. Normally in contests, the range is usually open. Members adjacent to a pad about to be launched, usually step back for a while. It is always a good practice to look up and watch the launch, even if you're a long way from the pad being launched. To help prevent confusion with all of these new changes already, we would close the range each time it was full. The day went by extremely fast!

Here are the final results from Contest Manager program. All of the times are in seconds. Seth Cochran was the only NAR B division competitor who entered the contest, so he was combined with C division. The only other young person who entered the contest was Justin Nelson in non-NAR A division. Justin was combined with non-NAR C division also. A printed copy of the contest results and any ribbons won will be mailed out to each competitor the first part of next week. ( They just need to be weighed for postage.)

NAR Meet Champions

Place Contestant Total Points
B Division  


Cochran, Seth 26
C Division  
1 Cochran, Ted 236
2 Lenz, Stuart 188
3 Whitaker, David 148
4 Estenson, Alan 96
5 Jarosch, Kenneth 64
6 Grimm, Lee 58
7 Nelson, Mark 16
8 Schwartz, Larry 8
B Parachute Duration (NAR)
Place Contestant Flight 1 Flight 2 Total NAR Points
C Division        
1 Lenz, Stuart 281 14 295 80
2 Cochran, Ted 72 149 221 48
3 Whitaker, David 138 49 187 32
4 Jarosch, Kenneth 98 41 139 16
5 Estenson, Alan 88 32 120 8
6 Grimm, Lee 21 86 107 8
7 Nelson, Mark 32 30 62 8
A Streamer Duration (NAR)
Place Contestant Flight 1 Flight 2 Total NAR Points
B Division        
7 Cochran, Seth DQ 12 12 8
C Division        
1 Whitaker, David 146 61 207 80
2 Jarosch, Kenneth 31 56 87 48
3 Grimm, Lee 33 DQ 33 32
4 Estenson, Alan 13 17 30 16
5 Cochran, Ted 26 DQ 26 8
6 Nelson, Mark 15 - 15 8
8 Schwartz, Larry 6 - 6 8
- Lenz, Stuart DQ DQ 0 0
A Boost Glider Duration (NAR)
Place Contestant Flight 1 Flight 2 Total NAR Points
B Division        
6 Cochran, Seth 29 - 29 18
C Division        
1 Cochran, Ted 46 145 191 180
2 Lenz, Stuart 34 51 85 108
3 Estenson, Alan 24 34 58 72
4 Whitaker, David 26 27 53 36
5 Grimm, Lee 47 - 47 18


NON-NAR Meet Champions

Place Contestant Total Points
A Division  


Nelson, Justin 80
C Division  
1 Myers, Jim 112
2 Frisvold, Lee 96
3 Jarosch, Paul 48
B Parachute Duration (NON-NAR)
Place Contestant Flight 1 Flight 2 Total Points
A Division        
2 Nelson, Justin 35 48 83 48
C Division        
1 Frisvold, Lee 41 78 119 80
3 Myers, Jim 80 DQ 80 32
A Streamer Duration (NON-NAR)
Place Contestant Flight 1 Flight 2 Total Points
A Division        
3 Nelson, Justin 21 11 32 32
C Division        
1 Myers, Jim 24 67 91 80
2 Jarosch, Paul DQ 46 46 48
4 Frisvold, Lee 12 15 27 16
A Boost Glider Duration (NON-NAR)
Place Contestant Flight 1 Flight 2 Total Points
C Division        
- Myers, Jim 6 5 11 0

I brought a birthday cake and a few kinds of pop along to the launch for a treat, since Wednesday will be my birthday. The other surprise was an idea that I got from Lee. For something different, we had a small raffle for three rocket kits that I donated.

The winners were

  • Jim Strong - Estes Wizard
  • Paul Jarosch- Estes Yankee
  • Brett McDowel- FlisKits OverDrive

The raffle went over well. I think we should do it again in the future.

I hope everyone had fun today!

Ken Jarosch writes:

Sport Launch

Paul flew his Cruise Missile twice on A3-4T's with good flights. He then tried his Wacky Wiggler on a C6-5 which flew to about half the max. height when it got hit by a wind blast and loosened the parts. The rest of the flight was a tight corkscrew before ejection. Even though this rocket falls dead pan it still drifted to the fence line. The second flight he used a B6-4.

My only sport flight was one junkyard rocket called the Borg (tube) Cube. It consists of 9 toilet paper tubes and a weight of 0.40 oz. out on a 3/16" rod as a moment arm. This was it's 4th. solid flight after 3 modifications. It rose straight and fast on a C5-3 with little forward air resistance due to the open tubes. It did wind cock a little and the chute was somewhat burned together.

Contest Launch

While I don't have many contest rockets per se, I did try several 10-12 year old high performance and 2nd stage rockets.  Paul started with an old 2nd stage called the Cloud Buster II on a A8-5. We have use this for years with great reliability. It flew in April at Rockford. It uses a old 5x50 condenser paper streamer. For some reason the clasp tore open on ejection costing Paul this flight. For his second attempt he used a modified High Flier from Estes. This flew with a A8-5 and a 5x50 tracing paper streamer. This drifted over to the second fence line by the road. Paul skipped the B PD because he wasn't feeling all that well.

I started with a HP "C" rocket on a A3-4T and a 4x40 streamer. The streamer had taken a set an did not open well for the first flight. I counter wound the flat section of the streamer and tried it again on a A3-4T. This time all went well and it drifted to the fence again.

All I had was light rockets so I knew anything flown on a B motor was gone for good. But wanting to try out a High Flier mod. rocket on a B6-6 I removed the full 22" chute and replaced it with beat up 12" Estes chute. This ultra light rocket with very thin fins really went up there.  It was lost across the road. In order to meet the requirement that one rocket has to be returned , I took a large streamer and D12-7 out of my D SD rocket and put in a 12" Estes chute. With an adaptor I used a B6-2 motor for a medium height flight and return.

If the winds hadn't been so high I would have liked to try some of the old rockets with 24" and 30" chutes that I had along.

The Details:

Full launch tally (in Adobe Acrobat PDF form, requires version 4 or newer of the Acrobat reader)

The totals were:  117 flights, 118 motors.  The cumulative total impulse was 902 Ns with an average total impulse of 7.6 Ns.  The motor breakdown follows:


# Burned

MicroMaxx 0





















(Alan Estenson)

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