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Last updated: Oct 1, 2001
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

September 2001 launch report (10/01/2001)

Sunny, warm & breezy

On Saturday, September 29, a small group of MASA members gathered at the VFW soccer fields in Otsego.  The normal monthly launch had been scheduled for the preceding Saturday but had been thoroughly rained-out.  Feeling the urge to fly rockets in the fall air, the rare step was taken to reschedule the launch.  It turned out to be a fairly warm, sunny fall day with a good breeze out of the south.

A big thanks to:

  • Steve Robb, for hauling out all the gear
  • LCO & RSO volunteers:  Tim Bush, David Fergus, Steve Robb, and others
  • Everyone who came early and/or stayed late to help with the range equipment

MASA member Ken Corey-Edstrom brought out several Scouts from Troop 415 [IIRC] and their parents.  The Scouts had each built an Aerotech Airspike rocket (same as a Mustang), and they were eager to fly them under Ken's tutelage and supervision (with help from other MASA members, too.)

Just shy of 4 hours were spent flying rockets.  The small group made for a relaxed launch rate, and it's doubtful that anyone ever had to wait for a pad.

A few of the flights:

Flying was limited to 1 lb rockets and E motors (with 2 exceptions).  Steve Robb went for the "big altitude" with an F24 in his "Lampshade of Doom".  Dave Fergus managed to get his Aerotech Warthog under a pound to launch it on an F20.

Tim Bush flew his twin-glider Edmonds Gemini Thunder.  One glider nosed straight in while the other flew off in a repeating series of stalls.

A number of flights were made using the new Estes E9 black powder motors.  Alan Estenson flew his Estes Python on an E9-6 and "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy" on an E9-4.  Alan and Ted Cochran drag raced their Estes Maniac's on E9-6 motors.  Ted C. also flew his Estes Big Daddy and Broadsword on Aerotech E15's.  Unfortunately, an early ejection stripped the chute on the Broadsword, and that rocket will now need some repairs.  Ted Nolen attempted to fly his "Big Dog 4" on an E9-8, but that delay proved to be way too long for the rocket as it impacted and then ejected.

Nick Nolen learned that a 1/4A wasn't enough motor for his R2-D2, but an A10 was just right. Dan Nolen had a successful 2-stage flight of his Estes Mongoose.  Glen Overby flew several Aerobee models.  Randy Miller flew a Quest Delta Clipper, but it weathercocked severely to result in ejection after "fence post" recovery.  Steve Robb flew his Swinger II twice, and it "landed" on a different truck in the parking lot each time!

The Scouts wisely decided not to fly their Airspike's on the included F20 motors.  Instead, they flew them on either Estes E9-4's or Aerotech E15-4's.  Despite worries about the breeze and low thrust, the Airspike's performed very nicely on the E9's.  The following Scouts had one or more launches:  Justin Harken, Marc Boeckman, Justin Grainger, Steven Sellers, Anthony Maahs, Matthew Ziebol, Alex Hedrington.  Although they had more than their share of igniter problems, all of their flights were safe and successful!

The Details:

Full launch tally (in Adobe Acrobat PDF form, requires version 4 or newer of the Acrobat reader)

The totals were:  51 flights, 52 motors.  The cumulative total impulse was 972 Ns with an average total impulse of 18.7 Ns.  The motor breakdown follows:


# Burned

MicroMaxx 0




















(Alan Estenson)

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