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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

June 2000 launch report (6/26/2000)

A cloudy start to a great day!

One June 24th, MASA members and guests turned out in force at the sod farm in Blaine.  It was a bit cloudy, but warm.  Except for a few errant breezes in the morning, it was a very calm day.  The big crowd took advantage of the conditions to chalk-up a near-record number of launches.  In all, there were 191 flights in about 5 hours.

A big thanks to all the volunteers!  Especially:

  • LCO's: Mark Thell, Steve Robb, Glen Overby, Dave Fergus, Mike Martens, Joe Kimmes, Tim Bush
  • RSO's: Alan Estenson, Kerry Hodges, Chuck Jerve, Steve Robb, Lee Frisvold, Steve Hum, Lee Grimm, Art Gibbens, Ben Horland, Russ Durkee

The theme for the launch was "Fat Boy Flyoff!".  Many people brought along an Estes "Fat Boy" rocket.  They ranged from stock examples to D-powered versions to rear-ejection models to 2-stage beasts.

At noon, a Fat Boy "beauty contest" was held.  Those present participated in a popular "hands up" vote for the "best" Fat Boy.  Ed Eastman's "Cartman" Fat Boy was declared the winner.  Ed won an Estes Pathfinder kit donated by Hub Hobby Center in Little Canada.

Throughout the day, a Fat Boy duration contest was held under part 2 of the rules ("stock" rocket with a C engine).  At the end of the launch, everyone's two-flight total time was computed to determine the winner.  Tom Schmidt walked away with the win as he recorded a two-flight time of 87.65 seconds.  Tom also won an Estes Pathfinder kit donated by Hub Hobby Center in Little Canada.  Tom's Fat Boy was fairly stock except for a 24" parachute that he borrowed from a Big Daddy.  Both of Tom's flights were on C6-5 motors.  The longest single flight of the day belonged to Alan Estenson with a time of 48.64 seconds on a C5-3.

The day's other contest was an open spot landing competition.  Mike Martens won with a distance of 11.5 "size 13's" from the target.  Mike's prize was a Quest Spin Fin kit donated by Hub Hobby Center of Little Canada.

The Frisvold's had the biggest showing with 16 flights for the day while the Fergus and McKibben clans both claimed 14.  The most flights by one person was Tom Schmidt with 11.

A few notable flights:

Steve Robb flew his big Deltie Thunder boost glider several times - first on D12-3's and then on an E15-4.  He showed us that something this big can really glide well!

Russ Durkee tried out his R/C "Delta Death" and discovered that it needs some help in the stability department.  Both Russ and Damian Kostron flew their R/C Cuda boost gliders several times throughout the day.

Kerry Hodges put a second flight on his 3X upscale Yellow Jacket with a G40.  This time, the parachute cooperated.  Kerry also had another good flight of his 2X upscale Der Red Max on a F62.  Walter Kjellander didn't have as good of luck; he had two G40's CATO in his Aerotech Cheetah.  The rocket survived both times.  Walter did successfully launch his Cheetah on a long-burn G25 (and it kept going, and going, and...)  Joe Kimmes put in an awesome flight of his LOC Viper 3 by lighting a cluster of three D12-5's.  He continued his clustered luck later with an Estes Impulse on two D12-5's.

Mark Thell also had mixed luck.  He had a G35 CATO in his LOC Forte.  Undeterred, he assembled a G33 reload and successfully flew the Forte for the first time.  Later, however, he had an F20 CATO in his LOC 'lil Nuke.  The rocket caught on fire, but a fast-responding crew dumped water on it.  Joe Schneider showed us another great launch of his NCR Interceptor G on a F62.  Later, he had a nice first flight of the "Wasp" on a G40-10.

Alan Estenson flew his PML IO on a F20, his "WYIARS" on a F23, and then successfully flew his LOC Starburst on a cluster of two F32's.  Lee Frisvold made us hold our breath, but the first flight of his 2 stage Big Daddy went off beautifully on a D12-0 to D12-3.  Dave Fergus had a nice flight of his Aerotech Warthog on a G35-7.

For the first H-powered flight of the day, Steve Robb flew his "3FNC" on an H123.  A bit later, Greg Schneider successfully completed a level 1 certification when he flew an Aerotech Nostromo on an H128.

Tom Schmidt flew his PML Callisto twice - on a G38 and then a G80.  The last flight of the day was Glen Overby with his PML Explorer on a G64-7.

The Details:

Full launch tally (in Adobe Acrobat PDF form)

The totals were:  191 flights, 214 motors.  The cumulative total impulse was 5192 Ns with an average total impulse of 24.3 Ns.  The motor breakdown follows:


# Burned

MicroMaxx 0





















(Alan Estenson)

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