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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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August 1999 Launch Report (8/28/1999)

On Saturday, August 28th, MASA members gathered for our regular monthly launch at Sunrise Park  The morning started off with a bit of confusion.  "Tut, tut.   It looks like rain." thought Russ, so he sent out email telling everyone that the launch may be cancelled - or at least starting later in the day.  However, many rocketeers didn't get the message.  At 9 am, there were about 15 cars waiting at the park.  "Where's Mark (with the launch equipment) and Russ and Damian?" we wondered.  Cell phones were unholstered, calls were made, and we eventually started launching rockets by 10 am.  Burnt offerings of black powder to the rocket gods brought us a nice day as the rain slid off to the south.  A total of 161 flights were tallied in just over 3 hours time.

A few highlights:
Paul and Ken Jarosch brought out some more of their classic rockets including an Alien Space Probe, Titan IIIc, Pathfinder, Strikefighter, Saturn 1B, and Black Brandt.   They also put a great flight on a gorgeous Super Vega.  Kerry Hodges continued to show us his vintage fleet as he launched an Odyssey and a Der Red Max.

Art Gibbens put a maiden flight on his 2-stage Saturn V going D12-0 to D12-3.   Staging was good, but the flight arced north to put the rocket across the street.

Glen Overby showed us an awesome flight of his Aerobee HI on a D9 reload.  It also went down the block, but came back later.  John Knoll put flights 1 and 2 on his Mercury Atlas on D12's.

There were 6 successful 2-stage flights as well as a couple of attempts that suffered from "upperstagesnotignites lawndartes" syndrome.

Seth Cochran and David Fergus were showing off the tiny Quest MicroMaxx rockets with some neat flights.  Ted Cochran launched his scratchbuilt, MicroMaxx powered, 1/144 Viking sounding rocket to some serious altitude (for a MicroMaxx...)

There were quite a few drag races.  Kerry Hodges and Alan Estenson raced their 3x upscale Mosquitos on B4-4's.  Kerry's did a nose dive when the recovery system didn't deploy (third time in a row, he says).  Brady Jerve and Brian Fergus drag raced Estes Skywinders on C motors.  Alan Estenson and Diane Frisvold raced their Estes Maniac's on D12's.  Diane's failed to eject and lawn darted.  Alan's came down hard on a patch of asphalt and broke off a fin.  Also, Brian (?) and Don Kilberg flew their Estes Big Daddy's on D12's

The Great UFO Drag Race.  To lead us off, Seth Cochran launched a MicroMaxx UFO to a grand height of 10 feet.  Then, UFO's and similar oddrocs were lined up on pads 1 through 7.  Alan Estenson brought out his Estes Snitch and a modified Invader - both on C6-0's.  Seth Cochran and Mollie Frisvold also had Snitch'es.  Russ Durkee had a 1981 vintage Centuri UFO, and Damian Kostron had a replica Centuri UFO and a replica Centuri Point.  At the count, the button was pushed and 4 saucers rocketed off the pads.  Two more were persuaded to go, but Damian's Point was shorted-out.  Twas great fun!

Rob Sieg won the spot landing contest.  His prize was a $10 gift certificate provided by Hub Hobby Center of Little Canada, MN.

Click here for the full launch tally (in Adobe Acrobat PDF form)

The totals were:  161 flights, 167 motors.  The cumulative total impulse was 1431 Ns with an average total impulse of 8.6 Ns.  The motor breakdown follows:


# Burned

MicroMaxx 4





















(Alan Estenson)

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