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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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April 1999 Launch Report (4/25/1999)

MASA members started off the 1999 summer flying season by flying more rockets than
at any launch in MASA history.  Two hundred and seventeen flights and two hundred forty four engines were burned, indicating club members were eager to fly their winter projects...which were often staged or clustered.

Early in the day Carl Persson flew his long anticipated Saturn 7 on seven D12s. Unfortunately only 4 engines ignited. Yet the rocket rose nicely from his custom built launch tower to an altitude of several hundred feet. At ejection, the lower half deployed it's parachute, while the upper portion's chute tangled and flopped in behind the spectator area. Carl has informed me that the rocket will fly again using a flash-pan ignition at a later MASA launch.

The BAR crowd (Born Again Rocketeers) were out in force at this launch.  Kerry Hodges launched his 20 year old Der Red Max on a C6-5 while David Fergus flew his Estes Goblin on a D12-3. Ed Eastman launched his first rocket since sometime in the 1970s. His rocket of choice was an Estes RTF Gold Strike on an A8-3.

Ken Jarosh demonstrated advanced streamer technique by flying his Delta Clipper on a D12-0, D12-7 combo. His 8" by 80" streamer made his rocket easy to spot and provided a long hang time rarely seen these days outside of serious competition.

Mark Thell busted open the skies early in the day with his Loc Legacy on a G80-10...Whoa! While Bob Brashear's Initiator kept going and going on a G33. What great flights. On the other side of the spectrum, the 1/4A made a few appearances as well. Mike Kutzke flew a custom built model he called the Harpoon.

Several Deltie Thunder flights by John Hart and Ted Cochran brought some variety to the days events. Ted's thunder seemed just a tad tail heavy at high speeds, while John's just a bit nose heavy. Either way, they both flew amazingly well and were fun to watch because of their sheer size.

Christopher Kvidera and Russ Durkee flew their 35 mm rocket cams on a G64 and G80 respectively. Jeffery Hyde flew his vintage Centuri flying saucer for a great flight and a perfect three point landing. Mollie Friswold flew several rockets including an Estes Skywinder for the first time with MASA.

Overall, the day was busy with some backlogs but our new RSOs and LCOs helped to keep things running smoothly.  A special thanks goes out to Kent, Joe, Larry B., Larry S, Ted, Mark, Mike, and Damian, (And anyone I forgot to mention!!) for taking the time to make the day a big success!

What an amazing launch day!
(Russ Durkee)

[more launch highlights from MASA member Ted Cochran]
I accidentally drag raced Russ' camera rocket against (I think) an Estes Jinx.  I forget who won; I was trying to figure out how that #8 switch got thrown.  For the next hour, the chant from Ted was "Range and sky are clear, the key is on, the switch is on, the rest are off, 5,4,3,2,1...."  [Actually, it was against my Edmonds Deltie on a 1/2A3-2T. Russ won. It wasn't even close. Steve Hum]

The first stage of my Comanche ejected its booster, which landed 12" away (I was LCO at the time). But it separated fine, and made like a boost glider--performing better than many of the real ones!

Russ got a spectacular flight in on his RC Cuda. Bigger engine, lots of altitude. He probably could have kept it up all day (sly wink).

[misc] A very nice Skywinder that tried to drill its way into the sod by the LCO table.   Several (like, 3 or 4) Nike Arrows, X Rays, and Gnomes that suffered from engine-hook-in-the-tailpipe syndrome.  A nice Apollo capsule (Damian's I think) that did very well sans rocket.  A nice 3-way drag race of Big Daddys.  [Larry Schwartz's] Two stage fat boy flew well again.  A Tornado on a C, got both pieces back..

A stupid Ultralight airplane that decided to do 3 touch and go's on the sod across the ditch, halting our operations for 30 minutes.

Lots of new members signed up on the spot!

Ky ["Rocketman" Michaelson] was there selling stuff for a few hours.
(Ted Cochran) [ed. Alan Estenson]

The days' totals were:  217 flights, 244 motors.  The motor breakdown follows:


# Burned





















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