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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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October Launch Report (11/5/1998)

The October MASA launch was held on Saturday, October 24 at the Blaine sod farm site.   Club members started arriving as early as 8:30 am to set up the launch range.   All-in-all, the rocket gods smiled at us by yielding up a wonderful fall day.   The sky was clear all day with temperatures in the 60's.  5 to 10 mph winds decreased to nearly nothing by mid-afternoon.  The wonderful fall weather and great turn-out of people contributed to a MASA record-breaking number of flights - 190 !   Motors from 1/2A to H blasted-off for hours with the launch activity finally stopping around 3:30 in the afternoon.  (A complete list of all the day's flights is available - click here.)

In keeping with MASA traditions, Mike Martens started out the day with his Stomp Rocket on an A8-3.  (BOINK!)  No to be outdone, Alan Estenson flew his modified Graduator from the first rack of the day on an H128.  Nothing like some smoke and noise to begin a great day of flying!  Kerry Hodges dug out two 20-year-old rockets, a Der Red Max and an Odyssey, and both had great flights on C6-5's.  Mike Martens was also showing-off his modified, stretched, D-powered Big Bertha for some nice flights.

One noteworthy flight was Mike Kutzke's Saturn V complete with special launch pad and scale launch tower.  Mike notes that this model won him a purple ribbon in 4-H at the 1984 Minnesota State Fair, but this was to be its first launch!  Fortunately, it was a perfect flight on a D12-3.

Early in the day, Russ Durkee put up his Thoy Condor on a G75 for a nice, smoky launch.   Sean Booher launched an unpainted AMRAAM on a cluster of two D12-5's, but it suffered some damage on landing.  Colin Hart was less fortunate; his four D12-5 engine Patriot suffered partial ignition resulting in some big loops and CRUNCH!     Luck was not with Jackson Thatcher either for his attempted launch of a Maxi-Force on three E30's or with John H.'s Patriot (lawn dart) on two D12-5's.   Chris Kvidera once again launched his modified Initiator on a G64-7 carrying a 35mm camera.  Larry Booher decided to stress test an Aura and put in two spectacular flights, first on a G33 and then on a G64!  Amazingly, this little rocket came back twice!

Michael Maurer won the long-distance category by driving down from Wahpeton, ND for the launch.  He successfully certified level 1 with a great flight of his stretched Forte on an H128.  Congratulations, Michael!

Art "King of Staging" Gibbens launched his two-stager made from a K&S tube.  Art later launched the "Kinda Big Bertha", a 2-stager on a D12-0 to a D12-7.

Alan Estenson managed a great maiden flight of his 200% upscale Der BIG Red Max on a G75.  Unfortunately, the next launch off the rack was not so successful.  Mark Thell attempted to launch his beautiful Mercury Atlas on an E30, but the casing blew just as the rocket left the pad.  Mark's Atlas suffered mortal wounds and became a bit melty.  (Condolences)

In the weird names category:  Alan Estenson had a successful CHAD-staged flight, D12-0 to C6-3, with his rocket "What Was I Thinking?"  Art Gibbens put in an incredible flight with the maiden launch of "Really Fast Balloon" on a D12-7.

Another MASA record was set as Jacob, a visitor to the launch, successfully launched and retrieved a Mosquito 10 TIMES!  Wow!

The days' totals are:  190 flights, 208 motors, total impulse of 4700 Newton-seconds (L motor equivalent!).

The motor breakdown is:  1 1/4A, 13 1/2A, 14 A, 27 B, 78 C, 39 D, 10 E, 10 F, 14 G, and 2 H's.

A complete list of all the day's flights is available online.  (click here)

Please feel free to email corrections, additions, or details of other noteworthy flights to the author.
(Alan Estenson)

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