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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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September Launch Report (10/10/1998)

The September 26th launch day began with rain and a cloud deck of about 500 feet.   The MASA optimist club wandered out to the field hoping that it would clear eventually.  About five MASA members arrived by 9am and we set up a small compliment of pads and proceeded to launch a few of our smaller, low flying rockets.  That's when it happened....the boy scouts arrived.

We knew they were planning to launch with us, but we really did not think they were crazy enough to show up on a day like this.  But we learned a valuable lesson, when boy scouts say they will do gum they do! (Rocketeer's honor!)

By 10 am,  ten more cars had arrived with about 20 kids and their parents.  The MASA members quickly set up more pads and helped the scouts prep their rockets.  I have to say they were very prepared for the launch and the vast majority of the flights were successful.  By noon nearly 100 rockets were flown.

A special thanks goes out to everyone who sacrificed flying time to introduce the hobby to a good bunch of kids. I am sure some of them will be back to fly with us again soon.
(Russ Durkee)

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