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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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Saturday's Launch Draws an Unexpectedly Large Crowd! (7/26/1998)

Saturday, July 25th's, launch started at 9am with people showing up in droves.  As is tradition, Mike Martens started off the day with his stomp rocket on an A8-3 and the day was off to a great start.  For the second flight, Alan Estenson launched the traditional Alpha on an A8-3 as the target for the spot-landing contest.  Over 25 recorded flyers and at least that many spectators were in attendance and 118 rockets were flown.

Some Notes:

Mark Thell had a great flight with his Estes Space Shuttle on a C6-3. T he rocket boosts very slowly with all the nose weight it requires for stability, but it glided very well to our applause and a perfect landing.

Nate Boyer had a nice flight on his Initiator on a G80-4.  I believe it was the first time Nate attended a MASA launch and I hope he will be back.

Many contenders competed in the K+S tube rocket contest.  The winner was Art Gibbens with a flight time of 47 seconds!  Chris Kvidera came in second with a time of 46 second flight.  Prizes were donated courtesy of Alan Estenson and Hub Hobby Center, Little Canada.  [Actually, I had a time of over one minute, but I declared myself ineligible to win the prize.  Alan]

Mike Wirtz lofted his Loc IV on an F40-4.  That was a very nice, slow lift off to about a 300 foot flight.  I was a bit skeptical about it at first, but the flight was perfectly safe and very fun to watch.

Alan Estenson busted our eardrums with his modified LOC Graduator on an H238.  It made dogs bark and babies cry for miles around.
[<grin>  Alan]

Ted Cochran launched his "Fire and Forget" minimum diameter rocket on a G35 for the highest flight of the day.  The projected maximum altitude was nearly 4,000 ft, but it went a good part of that downrange.

Despite a mishap with the launch controller and the large crowd, the launch went smoothly.  We gained at least 5 new members too!  This summer's flying season is really going full tilt and we are pleased with everyone's enthusiasm and cooperation.
(Russ Durkee)

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